Baldness Away in 1 Day – Evolution of Hair Transplantation

hair transplant Alvi Armani, the clinic best known for innovations that have transformed current modern hair restoration, has been awarded the prestigious Top Ranked Clinic award presented by


A decade later after having introduced FUE to the field of hair restoration in 2005, a harvesting technique that has been pioneered by its founder in its modern form, Dr. Antonio Armani, the famous hair loss and baldness clinic was able to evolve the method to match the demands of its high density artistic hairline hair transplants that require large number of grafts of typically over 3500 follicular units performed in 1 single day outpatient procedure.

Alvi Armani, for years has been known for its unrivaled techniques and unparalleled accuracy in natural hair restoration results. Since 1999, they have been playing their part in restoring the lost confidence of American hair loss patients. Today, they are firmly rooted in the heart of India, Dubai, South America, Beverly Hills, Europe, and with plans of expansion into Asia and Australia.

The intricacy of FUE (follicular unit extraction) harvesting is complex but provides a wonderful alternative to the antiquated FUSS or strip method of harvesting hair. “Not only does it allow use of traditional donor regions, but when learned and practiced at a high level, body hair can be effectively be used on appropriate patients with this technique for additional donor hair,” mentions Baubac Hayatdavoudi MD, AlviArmani’s Medical Director. “With proper patient education, artistry, and focus on the complex details of this procedure, it is a fantastic advancement along with other advancement in hair loss therapies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). “

Although the FUE technique initially met with resistance by the hair restoration community when introduced by Alvi Armani is 2006, the tides have certainly changed in recent years as patient education and research through the World Wide Web has exponentially increased, creating well informed patients who are able to delineate between fact and dogma spewed in biased marketing unregulated in the field by clinics still practicing the FUSS and flap harvesting techniques.

For most clinics, it is an arduous and near impossible task to learn the intricacies of the procedure who have traditionally been advocates of the strip method of harvesting. The combination of skillset, talent, and experience takes years to develop.

Due to its complicated and steep learning curve, some clinics have needed to resort to advancements in technology to carry out the minimum standard in FUE harvesting.

Neograft and ARTAS have been 2 such examples with limited success that have allowed some hair restoration clinics and some surgeons unable to meet the physical rigors of FUE harvesting methodology of harvesting to be able to at least provide a minimum standard of care for their hair loss patients.

Unfortunately much more advancements are necessary to carry larger procedures in patients who desire density, to harvest from patients with wavy and curly hair, or those who are not light complexioned.

Transection and accuracy rates as well as grafts survival and yield also need significant improvements with the current technology.

“Much like Da Vinci, Beethoven, and Michelangelo, the performance of this intricate procedure we feel is best done by hand, manually, with care and focus to every follicle,“ clarifies Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD. “The degree of attention that each follicle deserved determines the final outcome of a procedure and albeit current technology has been an asset for many clinics, it is still insufficient for the results our patients seek from our clinics globally.

It was amazing for me to have my own procedure done in 1 day. For most patients, at least 3000 follicles will be necessary to restore the frontal 6-7cm of their scalp.”

We all look forward as hopes of the balding community rests on research that pioneers such as AlviArmani and the like will continue as the race to defeat baldness is still an interesting one with the grand prize for the masses.