Puig Hair Restoration Center Announces New Techniques for Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair restorationHair loss in both men and women is rarely met with anything other than stress and frustration.

Luckily, the Puig Hair Restoration Center in Houston, Texas has announced new techniques that make Follicular Unit Extraction a great option; thanks to more affordable prices, limited surgery, and faster recovery times.

With more than forty years of experience, Dr. Carlos Puig’s first priority is to give his customers exactly what they’re looking for in terms of hair restoration.

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the Puig Hair Restoration Clinic’s most popular choices for hair restoration.

Also referred to as FUE, this procedure is the process by which the doctors transfer follicular units, which can sometimes contain more than one hair, from one place of the scalp to another.

As this process uses the patient’s own follicular units, they will continue to grow throughout the patient’s life because it is the patient’s actual hair. In addition, the surgery required to achieve Follicular Unit.

Extraction does not need any stitching during the recovery process, which usually lasts about three days.

With such a short recovery period, many clients find Follicular Unit Extraction a popular choice because it facilitates their busy lifestyles.

Patients can be in and out of the clinic in a single day, and back on schedule in less than a week.

Be advised that the procedure does require hair to be rather short, no longer than a few short millimeters.

Many clients will opt to shave all of their hair off before the surgery takes place so that that the hair can grow back at the same length, throughout.

About Puig Hair Restoration Center:

Dr. Carlos Puig of the Puig Hair Restoration Center has worked with some of the best hair restoration doctors around the world. His clinic is based in Houston, Texas, and he and his team strive to offer the very best to their clients.

The doctors and technicians in the Puig Hair Restoration Center have been well trained and offer a wide array of solutions to hair loss in both men and women. Free consultations are available by appointment to determine the course of action that will best meet the needs, wishes, and goals of each patient. The Puig Hair Restoration Center can be reached via telephone at their toll free number, 866-501-0368.