Face to Scalp Hair Transplant is Changing the Future of Hair Restoration

hair restorationHair transplant surgeon, Parsa Mohebi, MD, the inventor of several methods of modern hair restoration and chairman of FUE Research Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has developed new techniques of Face to Scalp Hair Transplant (FSHT).

These methods are specifically designed to help patients with advanced stages of hair loss.

These patients can now achieve great results from hair transplantation using a new source of donor hair.

Face to Scalp Hair Transplant is now possible thanks to the groundbreaking techniques that maximize the patient’s source of donor hair.

Face to Scalp Hair Transplant is a FUE hair transplant method that harvests facial hair. Harvested hair is then transplanted to the balding recipient areas of the patient’s scalp.

This method allows patients with advanced hair loss (classes five and above) to achieve reasonable coverage on the balding areas of their head, even if their scalp donor areas are not sufficient.

Dr. Mohebi was excited to bring this novel method of hair restoration to his practice. “I’m very happy to report that the face to scalp hair transplant method has become very successful thanks to the improvement of FUE techniques and our understanding of mechanisms involved in FUE hair restoration in recent years,” he said

“One of the few gloomy instances in my practice has always been informing a patient that I could not have helped them because they didn’t have adequate donor hair follicles to create a full coverage of hair. I’ve practiced on patients who have given up hope of finding the right hair restoration options.

Today, with the face to scalp hair transplant, we can help these individuals receive comparable results to the patients with generous scalp donor hair.”

Beard hair has less hair per each graft; however, it is much thicker, producing increased volume after hair transplantation, creating the appearance of denser hair.

Dr. Mohebi has reported harvesting as many as 3000 hair grafts from beard area using only hair from the lower chin and neck area.

Patients who are willing to remove all or most of their facial hair can expect up to 6000 grafts within a few hair transplant sessions.

About Dr. Parsa Mohebi:

As chairman of the FUE Research Committee and creator of several methods and techniques in modern hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi and his staff provide the most advanced techniques in this industry.

Dr. Mohebi prides himself in advancing new research and developing the latest technology to improve the quality of hair restoration. The overall goal at his office is to restore patient’s self-esteem through the use of quality hair restoration techniques.