Are Balding Men Abandoning Hair Loss Treatments in Favour of Robotic Hair Restoration

Artas hair restoration Increasing numbers of balding Canadian men – supposedly tired of combovers, miracle potions and scared of going under the knife – are trading in their toques for minimally invasive, robotic hair restoration.

“The surge in interest”, explains Dr. Kolenda of Verso Surgery, “is the result of dramatic improvements in technology that allow physicians to provide virtually undetectable hair transplants.

Doll-like hair plugs, long recovery periods and scarring are now a thing of the past with robot-assisted FUE.

Even a hair stylist would be hard pressed to detect transplanted hair upon close inspection.”

A second factor is the changing attitude of men towards cosmetic procedures. “Men are much more open to hair transplants than they were in the past,” adds Dr. Gupta of SureHair International. “We’ve seen a steady growth in patient volumes, with many of our clients now choosing the ARTAS procedure.”

“We too have noticed an immediate response,” says Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan of Hair Rejuvenation Institute of Calgary (HRI), Western Canada’s first & only ARTAS centre. “It makes great sense that the modern-day patient, accustomed to technology & automation, would come to expect and appreciate the level of sophistication & accuracy the ARTAS robot has to offer.”

The ARTAS Robotic System is a revolutionary medical device that – under the direction of a physician – safely extracts hair follicles from the back of the head for transplantation.

“With traditional surgical methods, only a small fraction of hair restoration candidates would choose the procedure, due to uncertainty of results, scarring and long recovery times”, says Dr. Stephen Mulholland of SpaMedica, Toronto. “During the minimally invasive ARTAS procedure, single hair families are harvested, with high-level precision, providing virtually undetectable results and no linear scar in the donor area.”

“Before ARTAS, the only method of single hair extraction (or FUE) was a manual drill,” says Dr. Hébert of Médecine Esthétique Dr Yves Hébert, Montreal. “The ARTAS robot eliminates the risk of human error and ensures micron-level accuracy every time. Also, patient’s can now be assured of precise, consistent results and a faster healing period.”

More about ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration

The ARTAS Robotic System is the first and only system utilizing advanced imaging & mapping technology for hair transplantation. ARTAS takes precise 3D images of the scalp and calculates the optimal angle of each follicle to extract.

As such, transplanted hairs grow in the proper orientation for a natural-looking result. Also, the ARTAS Robotic System creates tiny incisions when extracting each hair follicle, eliminating the need for sutures.

Restoration Robotics, creators of the ARTAS system, was awarded the 2013 Gold Edison Award in recognized of their scientific advancements.