Young Urban Celebrities Prefer The Bolton Edge Hair Transplant to Enhance Low Cut Hair Styles

hair-transplantDr. Brett Bolton, founder and medical director at Great Hair Transplants, has pioneered the Bolton Edge technique offering young urban men a hair transplant to enhance the low cut modern day hair style.

About six months ago, Dr Bolton performed a hair transplant procedure on a very famous Miami area sports star. The word has spread quickly. Dr Bolton and Great Hair Transplants are now seeing at least a few young celebrities with hair loss each month who are looking for a better hair transplant option allowing them to keep the hair style they choose.

Dr Bolton has now added the Bolton Edge to his world renown MAXHARVEST™ hair restoration procedure. The celebrity network seems to be buzzing about the MAXHARVEST™ and the Bolton Edge which allows young men to wear fashionable short hair styles with no fear of scars.

With more than 100 videos on the website displaying the extremely minimal scar area in the back of the head, patients are able to see for themselves exactly what the Bolton Edge offers. “When comparing the Bolton Edge to the highly marketed punch techniques being offered today, it is an easy decision,” states Steve Cook, COO at Great Hair Transplants.

“Dr Bolton is reducing the actual square centimeter area of scarring by about 90%,” he added. The MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant creates a soft natural hairline and strong density behind it. And now, with the addition of the Bolton Edge, an extremely minimal undetectable scar area.

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Dr. Brett Bolton and Great Hair Transplants have been delivering outstanding hair transplant results to patients all around the world for more 16 years. The company brand includes the MAXHARVEST™, Bolton Bundles, the Bolton Whorl, and the Bolton Edge as techniques pioneered for patients of Great Hair Transplants. Examples of these techniques can be found on the company website,