What’s Worrying Single Men This Valentine’s Day?

balding-confidenceWith Valentine’s Day around the corner once again, forums are ablaze with requests for advice on first dates and finding love.

Interestingly, one topic that comes up again and again for singletons of the male variety is, ‘Are women ok with balding guys?’

Despite massive leaps forward in science and technology over the past few decades, losing one’s hair still seems to be somewhat of an inevitability. 

Just like the disappointing lack of hoverboards and x-ray specs, the solution to hair loss remains surprisingly elusive. This is a devastating reality for the 85% of under 50s who are unhappy being a little thin on top and even more devastating for those balding blokes still looking for love. Undeniably, many men are happy to embrace the fresh air on their scalp, but for many others it is a source of low self-esteem.

A recent study by online dating website RSVP found that dating profiles with photos received 11 times more interest than those without, a statistic the image conscious may not be thrilled to hear. Further to this, a UK study found that all other things being equal, men with full heads of hair are 5 times more likely to get a date than those who are thinning.

Bambi Staveley from NutJob, a popular Australian hair fibre company, says she’s anticipating an increase in orders in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, “I think it’s a time when men find the resolve to put themselves out there again and a little extra confidence can go a long way”.

Hair loss and a loss of confidence have been linked in numerous medical studies and could be having a very real effect on the dating lives of sufferers. A recent study in the UK found that men with hair loss frequently suffered a loss of self-esteem, depression, introversion, neuroticism and feeling unattractive. These effects were even more marked for young men, which could be very seriously affecting their chances of finding The One.

Bambi has seen a lot of young men transform when the source of so much of their unhappiness is taken away, “Many men have told me that their overall quality of life has been drastically improved since addressing their hair loss. They’ve found the confidence to talk to women again without worrying that they’ll be judged before they even have a chance to speak.”

Whilst the right woman won’t be deterred by a little visible scalp, a lot of young men are missing the opportunity to even meet women because their confidence has been so negatively affected by what is actually a very common affliction.

Thankfully with the development of new concealing products, more young Aussie men will regain the confidence to keep up the search this Valentine’s Day.

Eight week supply is $39 and is available online at www.NutJob.com.au