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Unique Eyelash Transplant Surgery For Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

Los Angeles Based Dermatologic Surgeon Offers Unique Eyelash Transplant Surgery For Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, if one thing is for certain, eyelashes are certainly the gatekeepers.

Individuals who have recently received an eyelash extension and still deal with loss of lashes or those who simply wish to obtain natural, longer-looking eyelashes but never could because of  genetic limitations, can now rejoice as a unique procedure is being offered at Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in Manhattan Beach, CA.

This innovative, new procedure allows women to achieve natural looking eyelashes while minimizing the need for the extra maintenance associated with lash strips, extensions or conventional transplant methods.

VeeLashe™, the first ever pubic hair eyelash transplant procedure, is a unique surgery that is performed using the intuitive FUE hair transplant system, Dr.UGraft™, which safely extracts pubic hair follicles to be used as long term grafts. The internationally recognised hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sanusi Umar, is credited with developing the technology required for this type of eyelash transplant, as well as for creating the necessary criteria that qualifies a procedure as a VeeLashe™ transplant.

If the criteria qualification is met, select pubic hair follicles are harvested using Dr.Ugraft™ technology and implanted following a specialized method. The intuitive FUE system of Dr.UGraft™ is able to adjust for various skin resistance levels, subjecting patients to little or no transection.

Pubic hair eyelash transplants was recently brought to the limelight when it became a topic of discussion in the popular reality TV show, Botched. According to Dr Umar, “pubic hair is an ideal fit for creating natural eyelash curls in qualified candidates because of its flat, ribbon-like structure which imparts an eyelash like curl to its appearance.

Hitherto, conventional eyelash transplants which typically look unnatural, requiring significant amount of maintenance was largely reserved for desperate situations such as eyelash loss from trauma, burns and congenital defects. Improvement in methodology such as VeeLashe™ now affords even individuals with normal appearing eyelashes to aim for an even fuller longer lashes.”

In ideal candidates, the curliness of pubic hair makes it much easier to hold a desired curl compared to straight donor hairs that characterize conventional approaches where hair from the middle of the back of the head is utilized. In qualified individuals, the curliness of pubic hair creates an uncanny resemblance to the natural curl of eyelashes once transplanted, proving that in some cases, there’s more to a wink than you think.

Thanks in part to the cutting-edge technology utilized during a VeeLashe™ procedure, patients have the liberty of trimming their eyelashes slightly shorter to reflect the exact appearance they wish to achieve. For many women, having the ability to manicure their eyelashes is empowering and liberating.

Patients who are interested in learning more about VeeLashe™, or doctors who wish to be trained under the VeeLashe™ methods and techniques by Dr. Umar are encouraged to reach out to Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic today. Dr. Umar is the founder of Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic and faculty at the Department of Dermatology at Harbor UCLA.

Los Angeles Based Dermatologic Surgeon Offers Unique Eyelash Transplant Surgery For Thicker, Longer Eyelashes


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