Trained Nurse and BOOST n BLEND® Hair Loss Expert Bambi Staveley Discusses Post Pregnancy Hair Loss, and What Can be Done About it

blendandboostIt is not uncommon to suffer hair loss associated with pregnancy; in fact it affects 40 to 50 percent of post-partum women.

Hair goes through a number of phases during its life cycle: the growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase.

During pregnancy, the increase in estrogen levels keeps hair in the growth phase for longer and most women love the new thicker hair they experience while they are pregnant.

But like most things associated with pregnancy, there is eventually a return to normal. Approximately three months following the birth, when hormone levels have dropped, the hair that had been prolonged in the growth phase begins to fall out.

For some women this is a sudden occurrence and it may all fall out at once, for others it can be more gradual.

This can be very distressing for an already stressed out mum to see great clumps of hair falling out and in some cases, leaving a visible thinning patch.

Sydney mum, Katie Gomez was so at a loss about what to do about her post-pregnancy hair loss that she simply cut her much loved long hair short and donated it to charity.

“It didn’t cure the problem but it was less noticeable so I felt better about it,” Ms Gomez said.

“Most women aren’t aware that this happens and it freaks them out a lot, but I know a lot of mums who wouldn’t want to cut all their hair off because of this issue,” she said.

Of course, you don’t need to cut it all off, there are a number of things you can do:

Check your diet and make sure you are getting a balance of nutrients. It’s very easy with a new baby to forget to feed yourself properly.

Some hair loss is associated with low iron, vitamin D and vitamin B levels, another important reason to keep your diet on track

Don’t stress about it, in most cases it comes back

Use a quick and easy cosmetic cover up like BOOST n BLEND®

When Ms Gomez made the decision to cut her hair there weren’t a lot of other options for women who found themselves in her position, but thanks to BOOST n BLEND® that is no longer the case.

For many women, post pregnancy hair loss triggers a genetic predisposition to hair loss which can then continue on for the rest of a woman’s life. Once the tendency for hair loss has been triggered a woman may find that other factors cause it to shed again.

These other factors can include:

Illness; sometimes just a bad bout of gastro can result in enough trauma to the body that hair loss is once again triggered

Medication; there are some medications that can have a negative effect on hair and the contraceptive pill can be one such medication to be wary of

Trauma or shock; Many women find that three months after a sudden shock or traumatic experience their hair loss is triggered once again

And so, with the help of colour experts, BOOST n BLEND® was developed to provide otherwise healthy young women with a solution to cover up visible hair loss. A simple shake on to dry hair and the natural cotton micro fibres go to work instantly to boost hair volume.

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BOOST n BLEND® is a simple, quick and easy cosmetic cover up for women with thinning hair. Tiny hair-like micro fibres shake on to give an instant volume boost which restores the appearance of thicker more abundant hair.