Toronto Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center Announces Innovative Hair Loss Treatment with PRP

hair loss PRP Dr. Ellis and his clinic, Art of Facial Surgery, are pleased to announce a new service.

The facial cosmetic center will now offer PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP has a number of applications that promote the treatment for hair loss and rejuvenation of the skin on the neck, hands, face, and chest.

PRP is administered into the scalp to stimulate hair growth in thinning hair used to stimulate hair growth, but inducing the hair follicle to produce hair by waking up the sleeping hair follicle.

Medically, it changes the telogen phase to the anagen phase. PRP is injected into the skin to induce the skin to lay down its own collagen.




PRP is used for many years to quickly rehabilitate injured professional athletes and is used around the world as an anti-aging treatment. The process can be used to rejuvenate skin that has been affected by sun damage or natural aging.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a component of the platelet count in blood that assists in blood clotting, as well as the release of powerful growth factors that help stimulate skin regeneration.

Patients who use their own PRP, which is simply extracted by aspiration, centrifuged, and placed back into the skin, have noticeably rejuvenated skin and wrinkle reduction.

Dr. Ellis was among the first doctors to utilize PRP therapy but is offering it to patients now because of advances in the treatment technique. A special tool has been developed that allows for painless treatment that yields no bruising or recovery time.

Dr. Ellis and Art of Facial Surgery will use the treatment for:

1. Stimulating hair growth in thinning hair

2. Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Treatments generally consist of three sessions every 2-4 weeks.

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