Theradome wins hair restoration treatment of the year award

Theradome wins hair restoration treatment of the year award at the MyfaceMybody awards

At-home, wearable, laser light therapy device honored for restoring fuller hair and confidence in men and women.

Theradome® Inc. was awarded Hair Restoration Treatment of the Year at the MyFaceMyBody Awards in Beverly Hills, California for their revolutionary laser light therapy helmet. The MyFaceMyBody Awards are considered to be the Oscar’s of medical aesthetics.

Theradome’s CEO and Inventor, Tamim Hamid, accepted the award at the prestigious event, which celebrates innovation and customer excellence in the fast-growing aesthetic industry, on Friday evening at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.“We are thrilled that Theradome’s products are changing the lives of tens of thousands of men and women around the world by restoring their self-confidence through thicker and beautiful hair,” said Hamid.

Theradome’s FDA-cleared, at-home hair restoration helmets feature highly focused VL680 lasers that stimulate mitochondrial activity to slow and stop hair loss, thicken existing hair follicles, and help regrow new hair in both men and women.

The advanced technology harnesses the power of red light at a uniquely optimized wavelength at 680nm to reach stem cells at the base of hair follicles and spur maximum hair growth through just 20-minute therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home.

This prestigious award comes shortly after Theradome’s September announcement that 100% of men suffering from thinning hair who used their hair restoration helmets observed new hair growth, along with thicker, healthier hair in a 120-day consumer study.

“We have witnessed so many incredible transformations from our customer from using our products, and are truly honored to share this life-changing treatment with the millions who are struggling with thinning hair and hair loss,” said Hamid.

About The MyFaceMyBody Global Awards

The most glamorous awards in the aesthetics industry presented annually in London, Australia, America, and China. Attended by a mixture of industry experts from dental, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic and the beauty industry as well as celebrities, the awards celebrate all that is exceptional and innovative

Theradome wins hair restoration treatment of the year award at the MyfaceMybody awards



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