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The Restoration Robotics ARTAS System Released in Colombia With Dr. Craig Ziering

The Restoration Robotics ARTAS System Released in Colombia With Dr. Craig Ziering

On Nov. 5, 2015 The Restoration Robotics ARTAS System was introduced for the first time in Colombia in the framework of the Congress of Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress Latin America, AMWC.

The event was attended by popular leading media of the country covering local and international news including EFE, News Caracol and Channel Telemedellín.

The revolutionary technology for surgical hair restoration of the ARTAS System was introduced by long-standing visionary hair transplant expert Dr.Craig Ziering, who is the founder of Ziering Medical Worldwide, with locations in the US,UK and Middle East.

The technology of ARTAS robotic assistance offers more surgical options for FUE hair transplant patients who wish to restore their hair and want to avoid having a linear scar.

Restoration Robotics selected Dr. Ziering to introduce the system at the official presentation due to his outstanding surgical success in ARTAS procedures and also having a history of breaking surgical barriers of larger graft placement cases in male and female patients.

As Medical director of Ziering Medical Worldwide, Dr. Ziering has pioneered the art of hair transplantation and restoration with his 25 years of surgical hair experience. Ziering Medical is notably one of the first centers to implement the ARTAS robotic technology beginning with their Beverly Hills location in 2011, with London, NYC and Atlanta thereafter.

ARTAS robotic hair restoration surgery trainings are currently held for surgeons around the world at Ziering of Beverly Hills, in addition to vital scientific research and development that advance the medical communities knowledge of hair loss.

As an early adopter of emerging research and development benefitting hairloss patients,Dr. Ziering was pleased to be invited to Colombia to share this groundbreaking technology with his peers, he commented

“I’m especially pleased to work with surgeons in other countries where this technology is being introduced, because it is exciting to take part in raising the standards of hair transplant surgery for hair loss patients everywhere.”