The HairMax Laser 272 for Hair Loss

The HairMax Laser 272 for Hair Loss

The HairMax Laser 272 for Hair Loss

Hair regrowth technology company HairMax offered CES show-goers a closer look at its newest product, the Regrow Laser 272 Hair Growth Laser Light Device ($1,999).

The FDA-cleared 272 follows the company’s Ultima 12 LaserComb and LaserBand 41 headband-style device into the market.

Battery-operated, it is designed with 272 medical-grade laser light diodes evenly spaced and embedded within a flexible and lightweight inner liner made of silicone that conceals the circuitry and also acts as a protectant for the diodes while keeping them clean.

The 272 fits discreetly under the supplied baseball cap or under a cap of the owner’s choice, providing full scalp coverage with no adverse side effects, explains Fran Dubsky, director of marketing.

She said the laser light technology stimulates cellular energy production to make for a healthier hair-growth environment. It encourages better blood flow to hair follicles, bringing them oxygen and nutrients while activating antioxidant defenses.

The treatment not only stimulates new hair growth, says HairMax, but also reverses thinning hair progression and repairs and rejuvenates damaged or aging hair

It is designed to promote hair growth when used with regularity in 30-minute treatment sessions three times a week.

Additionally, its FDA usage clearance extends to alopecia, she added. The HairMax 272 comes with a two-year warranty and a six-month money-back guarantee.

The HairMax Laser 272 for Hair Loss


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