Platelet Rich Plasma to Treat Hair Loss

Telehealth Now Offering Stem Cell Activation Treatment for Hair Restoration With PRP

Telehealth Now Offering Stem Cell Activation Treatment for Hair Restoration With PRP

Telehealth is now offering stem cell activation treatment for hair restoration at three locations including La Jolla, Orange and Upland CA.

The PRP therapy is offered by several Board Certified physicians who have extensive experience and success with the treatment.

Until recently, in order to obtain cost effective hair restoration patients needed a hair transplant or another expensive option.

PRP therapy, which is short for platelet rich plasma therapy, is an effective treatment that is now being offered at all locations.

Platelet rich plasma entails a simple blood draw from the patient, with the blood then being spun in a centrifuge for fifteen minutes.

The result is a concentrate of platelets and growth factors. When injected into the area needing hair restoration, the PRP activates stem cells and encourages follicular regeneration.

The PRP therapy for hair restoration typically begins to work within a couple months, and a few treatments may be necessary for optimal results.

PRP therapy is utilized to reverse and treat even the most complex hair loss problems. The survival rate of hair follicles substantially increases as the platelets stimulate the hair cycle’s anagen phase or what many would call the growth phase.

The treatment is quick, safe, and the healing is fast. Telehealth offers PRP stem cell therapy for hair restoration at a fraction of the cost of what a hair transplant would cost.

Telehealth now has three locations, including La Jolla, Upland and Orange CA.

Patients are seen from a broad area for treatment, which also includes offering stem cell therapy for arthritis, sports injuries and overuse conditions.