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Spencer Stevenson of Spexhair appears on Radio Show

Spencer Stevenson of Spexhair appears on Radio Show

Spencer Stevenson, the owner of the popular hair loss help website spexhair.com, was interviewed by Peter Lloyd from the prestigious newspaper The Telegraph giving his insights and knowledge on how to treat male pattern baldness through proven treatments.

Following on from the interview Spex was asked to appear on Radio RTE

Spencer Stevenson by RTÉ2fm : RTÉ 2fm : Losing it on top? Fear not, all is not lost. Hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson explains…Listen free on SoundCloud

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Spexhair Spencer Stevenson on treating male Pattern Baldness live radio interview on RTE2.more info on http://www.spexhair.com

Discusses the genetic effects of DHT which causes many men to lose their hair through miniaturisation. Educating men who are losing their hair is the key and you can learn more through spexhair.com and this youtube channel.

The article published by The Telegraph is among several interviews Spencer Stevenson has given over the past few years on the topic of hair loss.

Those interested can read more about Spencer Stevenson and his media coverage by visiting his hair loss website spexhair.com