Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on ARTAS

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on ARTAS

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on ARTAS Hair Transplant Mexico Pros and Cons

The Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a highly rated hair transplant clinic in the Bay Area. With many clients considering travel to Mexico for ARTAS hair transplant, the company has released a blog post on the pros and cons.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a professional hair transplant clinic offering the ARTAS robotic hair restoration system and lead by Dr. Miguel Canales, is proud to announce a new informational blog post on the pros and cons of travel to Mexico for an ARTAS hair transplant in Mexico. Bay Area residents searching for a cheap hair transplant option might be keen to consider travel to Mexico due to lower costs. However, the new post discusses not only the pros but the cons of travel out of the USA for hair transplantations.

“The cost of an ARTAS or other type of hair transplant in Mexico might only seem to be cheaper,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. “Our new post explains why and provides some things to consider before purchasing that plane ticket South of the Border for one’s hair restoration journey.”

Bay Area residents can read the new blog post on the pros and cons of an “ARTAS hair transplant in Mexico” at

Persons searching for an in-depth look at hair transplant procedures can go to, and those specifically interested in ARTAS availability in the San Francisco Bay Area can visit


Here is the background on this release. Northern California residents might consider “medical tourism” to Mexico for hair transplant surgery. The new post cautions residents to look at all the costs and risks associated with travel to Mexico before scheduling a surgical procedure.

An entire industry has evolved due to Americans searching for less expensive options for surgery and medicine. U.S. citizens may drive up north to Canada for affordable medical supplies to support health problems. California locals might fly down to Mexico for cheaper hair transplant surgery or facelifts. The cost of travel and effort could be considered a deal compared to the price of an operation back home. Mexican hair transplant clinics have created travel packages and special deals to entice Americans to opt for serious surgery across the border. Even the ARTAS hair transplant system is available in Mexico. Budget-minded patients may not be aware of the key difference between hair transplant surgery in Mexico and the United States.

For these reasons Silicon Valley Hair Institute has announced an educational blog post for Bay Area residents seeking cheap hair transplant surgery in Mexico. It can be helpful to compare US vs. Mexico surgical procedures. Differences can include the following:

1. Regulations for hair transplant surgery in Mexico may be more lenient than in the USA. Regulatory transparency might be opaque to English-speaking Americans in Mexico.
2. Because surgeons in Mexico can receive less in pay than counterparts in America and Europe, the reality may be that the most skilled professional migrate to the USA leaving less trained or more novice counterpoints “training” in Mexico.
3. If a hair transplant surgery goes seriously wrong in Mexico, there may be no legal recourse or legal recourse may be difficult for an English-speaking USA resident.

None of the content of the post is meant to denigrate the hard-working, skilled, and conscientious medical personnel in Mexico. Rather, the point of the post is to encourage US residents to ask questions and “do their homework” on any hair transplant, including all potential costs and risks, whether that is to be done in the United States, Mexico, Turkey or another country.


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Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on ARTAS Hair Transplant Mexico Pros and Cons