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Silicon Valley Hair Institute

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a Top San Jose Hair Transplant Clinic, Announces new Blog Archive for Largest Bay Area City

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a professional hair transplant center serving the Bay Area, including San Jose, is proud to announce a new blog archive for city residents.

Many San Jose residents may not realize that a quick drive up to Foster City will get them industry-leading hair transplantation services, including ARTAS robotic hair transplantation.

“When we see patients, we understand their thinning hairline doesn’t occur for only one reason,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon and founder of Silicon-Valley Hair Institute. “We want to offer the proper treatment for the right situation. Our newly archived blog posts organized for San Jose are a new method of reaching out to South Bay residents who suffer from thinning hair.”

To review the newly archived blog posts for San Jose hair transplant options, please visit

Bay Area residents suffering from hair loss can visit that link to learn more regarding the reasons behind a thinning scalp.

Treatments such as robotic hair transplantation, FUE/FUT, PRP and micropigmentation may help bring back a thick, natural hairline.

For example, interested persons can review the following link to a recently archived blog post at Many South Bay residents are part of the technological cognoscenti and will be astounded that Foster City is home to one of the incredible ARTAS robotic hair restoration robots.


Here is background on this release. Bay Area residents may be used to missing a pair of keys or glasses during a busy morning.

A local may be drinking a latte and checking text messages before a realization takes place. Normally, lost items have only been misplaced and can be found after retracing steps and searching around. Certain vanishing acts may not be as easy to recover from, however.

A thinning hairline might not be quickly replaced. The right action for San Jose’s technology cognoscenti would be to search for a professional San Jose hair transplant clinic for support. Learning the reasons for a vanishing hairline can help a patient decide the best plan of action to restore hair to a thicker, natural look.

San Jose residents will quickly learn that one of the leading Centers in the Bay Area with an ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system is up in Foster City, just north of the Bay Area’s largest city.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute

For this reason, Silicon Valley Hair has announced a new blog archive focused on San Jose. A wider hairline may not happen quickly for Bay Area residents. Changes can occur over time until one day a person recognizes the problem as if overnight. Hair could have been falling out in small increments for months without detection.

Persons experiencing hair loss may be interested to learn the specific reason it has occurred. A consultation with a top San Jose hair transplant clinic could help solve the mystery of hair loss.

Several factors could be involved including; genetics, stress, aging and undetected illness. Waking up one day to find hair loss has been occurring can be difficult. Consulting with the best San Jose hair transplant may help stop the vanishing act.


Silicon-Valley Hair Institute (, under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Miguel Canales MD, is one of the best facilities offering San Francisco Bay Area hair transplants. Dr. Canales provides the full range of advanced hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for Bay Area residents, from San Francisco to San Mateo to Palo Alto.

If one needs a hair transplant specialist, look no further than this Bay Area hair transplant center. Dr. Canales also performs female hair transplants for women and eyebrow restoration, thus offering the best hair transplant and robotic hair replacement options. Robotics include state-of-the-art ARTAS hair transplant technology.