Top selling hair loss shampoo

Shampoo with caffeine claims to reduce hair loss


Shampoo with caffeine claims to reduce hair loss

Hair loss is among the second most physical concerns for the UAE men after obesity as more than five out of 10 men also mentioned that hair loss leads to psychological and social issues.

Hair loss among men and women is a perennial problem all across the globe as well as among the 200 plus nationalities in the UAE.

This was revealed in a press conference to highlight the details of a recent Hair Loss Incidence Study conducted by YouGov on behalf of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo in the UAE which inferred that almost 67 per cent men and women in the UAE suffer from hair loss.

The survey, for which more than 1,100 UAE men and women responded, brought up interesting insights on the incidence of hair loss problems.

Almost every second man under the age of 30 in the UAE suffer from hair loss in various proportions. The male respondents perceived hair loss among the top two physical concerns – even before erectile dysfunction – which indicates the extent of mental impact of this condition on men.

Dr Hanieh Erdmann, German Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Surgeon, based in Dubai told the media that “hair loss can alter the way a man looks and makes him look older too.

Men in the UAE put strong emphasis on their physical appearance, and hair loss therefore causes great problems for most men in the country.”

More than five out of 10 UAE men mentioned hair loss leads to psychological and social issues

Frequently more men affected by hair loss also suffer psychosocially. “Self-doubt, difficulties in socialising and embarrassment are just some of the consequences of hair loss”, the physician added.

Consistently, 56 per cent of polled men mentioned that their social lives are impacted negatively, especially in the case of those men with acute hair loss problems.

Furthermore, almost 35 per cent of men suffer from various levels of depression/anxiety symptoms and are anxious to rectify this problem.

Strikingly 55 per cent of men affected by hair loss said, that they would be willing to shorten their lifespan to regain lost hair.

Dr Hanieh Erdman explained, “The main reason of hair loss is caused by a genetic predisposition. Those men affected by hereditary hair loss suffer from a super sensitivity of the hair roots to the hormone DHT, a metabolite of testosterone.”

While testosterone does make beard hair grow, it also weakens the head hair’s root in correspondingly predisposed individuals.

Although stress and lack of vitamins have been perceived as major causes of hair loss in the study, 41 per cent men also know that testosterone can cause hair loss.

However, it is heartening to know that hair loss can be treated. Caffeine has achieved wide scientific recognition as an active ingredient in reducing hair loss.

“Due to caffeine, the hair roots receive the necessary energy for growth despite the testosterone attack”, German scientist Dr Adolf Klenk, Head of R&D at Dr Kurt Wolff explained.

However, the survey also shows that only three per cent of the polled respondents know this prominent effect of caffeine.

“Using the caffeine shampoo from an early age will help keep the hair roots active. It is therefore vital to act when mild hair loss is noticed or if one is prone to the issue genetically.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that caffeine does not aid in growing new hair on a bald scalp”, explained Dr Adolf Klenk.