Scalp Designs assures permanent solution for hair loss

Scalp Designs assures permanent solution for hair loss

Scalp Designs assures permanent solution for hair loss with new innovative technique

Founded by New England’s FIRST certified SMP technician, Scalp Designs guarantees the best permanent hair loss treatment with its revolutionary SMP technique which is hassle-free and also affordable.

No more sleepless nights over hair loss. No more wasting money on fake and futile hair loss solutions. Massachusetts-based Scalp Designs has guaranteed a permanent and realistic solution for hair loss issues with a modern innovative technique called Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP).

The state of the art non-invasive technique assures rewarding results fast and that too within an affordable budget.

There is hardly any other hair loss treatment which is as immediate, permanent, hassle-free, realistic, non-invasive and economical as Scalp Micropigmentation offered by Scalp Designs.

John Toti, the founder of Scalp Designs, is the FIRST licensed/certified SMP technician of New England. He himself had been a client of the innovative solution and after experiencing great results, Mr. Toti decided to help many others who are struggling with hair loss issues. And thus Scalp Designs was launched.

Aptly quoted as a “life-changing” treatment, SMP works by replicating the client’s hair to strengthen the hair follicles and add density to thinning zones to create a thicker and stronger looking mane. The treatment is applicable for both men and women, irrespective of your level of hair loss.

“SMP is an incredible life-changing treatment where we apply organic pigmentation at the epidermal layer of the scalp to emulate the natural appearance of the client’s real hair follicles. Whether you wish to fill in the thinning areas on your scalp or want to shave your head for a clean suave look- our innovative SMP treatment is for all”, explained Mr. Toti.

SMP addresses various kinds of hair loss problems including general hair loss, alopecia and even hair transplant scars. Scalp Designs is often referred to by leading doctors and dermatologists for patients looking to conceal the nasty scars of hair transplants.

Speaking further, Mr. Toti stressed that SMP offered by Scalp Designs is somewhat akin to getting a tattoo. It’s just that instead of drawing patterns with ink, SMP uses pigments that are injected right into the dermis through a microscopic needle.

“The needle used in the treatment is especially designed to replicate a single hair follicle.”

What separates Scalp Designs from other clinics offering SMP is its huge knowledge-base and strict focus on premium service. While Mr. Toti is a certified SMP expert, the regular clinics offering SMP are mostly filled with petty tattoo artists and barbers.

Additionally, while regular SMP treatments offered by other clinics mostly use plain tattoo ink, Scalp Designs relies on 100% Organic Charcoal which is free from dye and color additives.

“Unlike our competitors, we stress on using organic charcoal to ensure the pigmentation that we inject in your scalp will never fade or turn to a green or blue hue. We promise you the best natural feel with our state of the art SMP treatment.”

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Scalp Designs assures permanent solution for hair loss


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