Scalp Aesthetics Opened New Location on August 3, 2014

Scalp aesethicsOn August 3, Scalp Aesthetics, a Rochester, NY-based scalp pigmentation provider, opened a brand new location in Seattle, WA.

After training a new team of talented individuals, the new location will help Scalp Aesthetics meet the growing demands of its increasing clientele, and make scalp pigmentation more accessible to those in need of an advanced hair loss solution.

“We have been busier than ever so as to fulfill the needs of our clientele,” says Bryce Cleveland, the Owner and Creator of Scalp Aesthetics.

“We have decided that Seattle was the next best place to be.

We will be able to serve those in the community as well as those who can travel very easily to the area.”

The entire Scalp Aesthetics team has played a crucial part in the new location’s creation.

The whole crew has stayed in constant contact with one another in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and is ready to help the company become the leader in scalp pigmentation.

“As a company we always want to have a personal connection with our clientele and what better way to solidify that, than by becoming a part of a community,” adds Cleveland. “Being in a city and having roots planted there will help us better tend to our client relationships and become a part of their culture. We aim to ensure client satisfaction and being in hands reach makes it easier.”

The expansion was, in many ways, necessary because Scalp Aesthetics invests itself into each individual’s personal journey. To Scalp Aesthetics, scalp pigmentation is all about changing the clients’ life, and about making making each person feel more confident.

The team wants to be there from the first phone call to the weeks, months, and years that follow. In order to provide such service, it’s imperative to remain close by.

“Expansion is such a humbling place to be,” says Cleveland. “Looking back five years ago to when I only dreamed of having this kind of success with Scalp Aesthetics, and being here now, is a reminder of how hard work and perseverance really pay off, and that there is no shame in dreaming big and reaching high.”