Revian announces patent for LED hair-loss prevention tech

Revian announces patent for LED hair-loss prevention tech

Revian announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company a patent to use proprietary color combinations of light to regenerate living tissue in the body — including hair.

The patent covers the use of specific wavelengths of LED light to stimulate the body’s cellular generation of nitric oxide as well as to release the body’s natural nitric oxide reserves. Medical LED systems are designed to deliver light in precise, narrow bands that lead to direct engagement of biological tissues.

Durham, N.C.-based Revian and parent company Know Bio tout Revian Red as the first product to use the therapeutic advances enabled by combining LED technology and nitric oxide medical research. It is designed to stop hair loss and grow new hair, providing treatment for men and women with androgenetic alopecia.

FDA-cleared Revian Red is a wireless, wearable cap controlled by a mobile app. The LED technology is designed to provide broader scalp coverage and better skin penetration than red lasers used in low-level laser therapy.

“This is a groundbreaking approach to the therapeutic use of light,” Revian executive chairman & Red co-inventor Nathan Stasko said in a news release. “We set out to decode the spectrum of light and identify which wavelengths encourage cells, tissues and organs to repair themselves.

By stimulating the body’s internal mechanisms for the generation and release of nitric oxide, we are able to realize the therapeutic benefits of nitric oxide in the body without the challenges of pharmaceutical drug development.”

“Our patented dual-band technology can give new hope to the estimated 50 million men and 30 million women suffering from androgenetic hair loss in the U.S. and to hundreds of millions more around the globe,” added Revian president Brian Johnson. “When you add a second wavelength and use LEDs to provide a whole new patient experience designed from the ground up to be comfortable, effective, safe and convenient — you have Revian Red, the most technologically advanced answer for these millions of sufferers.”

Revian announces patent for LED hair-loss prevention tech


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