New Research Set to Help Breast Cancer Patients Cope with Hair Loss

New Research Set to Help Breast Cancer Patients Cope with Hair Loss UK hair transplant clinic, Fue Hair Clinics, have recently commented on the new methods the researchers at the University of West England (UWE Bristol) are planning to explore, which involves helping women through the distress of hair loss during chemotherapy.

The technique the University of West England is researching is the use of expressive writing, which has seen success in other patient groups.




This will be the first time expressive writing is tested with breast cancer patients suffering with hair loss.

The aim of expressive writing is to help patients manage their thoughts and feelings, and the study, funded by Breast Cancer Campaign, is being run by PhD researcher from UWE’s Centre for Appearance Research, Melissa Pilkington.

The expressive writing involves writing for twenty minutes each day for four days, with a topic and three question questionnaire provided by the research team.

Melissa Pilkington said, ‘We know that many patients find hair loss to be a very upsetting part of their cancer treatment. If found to be effective, expressive writing could be an easy and very cost-effective way of supporting breast cancer patients through this difficult time.’

Often commenting on hair loss related news, a spokesperson for Fue Hair Clinics said, ‘Hair loss is a terrible event for anyone who experiences, but it’s even more harrowing for cancer patients having to deal with it along with the terrible condition they’re currently going through.

Expressive writing could be just the method to help patients analyse their thoughts and feelings. It works well with other patient groups, such as mental health patients and those suffering with eating disorders, so it makes sense that it would work with a wider range of groups.

But hair loss needn’t be eternal, and at Fue Hair Clinics we’ve helped many cancer sufferers get back on their feet with a new set of hair on their head, through our effective and varied range of transplant services.

It’s great to see people’s confidence and hope rise when they go through with the procedure, and no one has ever regretted the decision.

It’s a great way to get back into life when everything is clear.’

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