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RegenMed Announces PRP Therapy to Hair Loss

RegenMed Announces PRP Therapy to Treat Wrinkles, Knee Pain and Hair Loss

Paula Patel RegenMed’s Manager said “Dr. Jethani has a great reputation for providing the right medical solutions to his patients.

Our entire team has seen the exciting results of offering these groundbreaking PRP procedures.” PRP therapy continues to gain popularity daily through national and international endorsements.

Dr. Jethani stated, “Zizion’s products are designed to be easy to use. They allow for a smart and cost effective solution to providing this very promising protocol to our patients.

The team at Zizion are excellent partners, providing tremendous support and partnership to my practice.

We have used several solutions to address joint injuries related to osteoarthritis and normal wear and tear along with being able to reverse the signs of aging. We are very excited about these solutions targeted towards today’s aging issues.”

About RegenMed

Manohar Jethani, M.D. offers 40 plus years of clinical experience in Medicine. RegenMed Health Center is an age management, wellness and aesthetic practice; offering personalized customized therapies based upon each patient’s individualized symptoms and concerns.

The center specializes in evaluation and treatment for joint issues, knee pain, hair loss, male sexual dysfunction and innovative therapies to reverse signs of aging through injectable products and fillers, and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapies.

PRP uses components of the patient’s own blood, called platelets, to encourage the body to heal from within. This autologous treatment has been used for many years to treat sports injuries in professional athletes playing in the NFL, NBA, and PGA.

PRP has shown significant results when used alone or combined with other therapies to help the body restore collagen and heal damaged or scarred skin.