Regenera Activa is the Hair Loss Treatment of Choice

Regenera Activa is the Hair Loss Treatment of Choice

Regenera Activa is the Hair Loss Treatment of Choice – Clinically Proven, Safe and Effective

Regenera Activa is an effective hair loss treatment by the aesthetic center, Sozo Aesthetic Clinic. It is clinically approved (US FDA, Europe CE, Singapore HSA), all natural, safe and effective. This micro-surgery technology uses regenerative cells from one’s own body. Results can last up to three years even with just one treatment.

Hair loss has been a prevalent problem in both men and women for hundreds of years. While more men suffer hair loss than women, the effects can be equally frustrating. Loss of confidence and self-esteem can lead to conditions such as depression and chronic stress. Hair is often called the crowning glory of an individual because it helps complete the look of a person. Hair loss can be frustrating and the remedies such as hot oil treatments, the use of essential oils, supplements, and specialized products while helpful does not solve extreme hair loss.

There are many different causes of hair loss such as stress, the use of harsh products, hygiene, diet, and for some because of conditions such as alopecia and over-production of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Throughout the years, the technology used to treat hair loss has improved from over-invasion, chemical-filled treatments with possible side effects to safer, less painful hair transplant methods like Sozo Clinic’s Regenera Activa. The hair loss Singapore-based aesthetic centre offers a breakthrough technology where results can be expected even after one session. It is clinically proven safe and effective because it uses the person’s own regenerative cells and implanted to the scalp through a micro-surgery procedure done by the best experts on the field of aesthetic medicine.

Unlike hair loss medications and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant, the procedure is risk-free because it is minimally invasive. A single treatment will result in natural hair growth appearance and patients only need one treatment which can last them two to three years.

“Results will always look natural as Regenera Activa boosts the hair growth of your pre-existing hair follicles,” shares Sozo Clinic. It is also a cost-effective solution (considering you only need to do it once). A person will most likely spend $3,500 for the entire procedure as opposed to spending $10,000 each session for hair transplant or medications that can cost up to $5,000 on a yearly basis.

“Natural is important because chemicals may harm your health and hair. Especially in hair loss, where follicles are a precious finite resource, there is a minimal margin of error. What can be more natural and safer for your scalp than regenerative cells extracted from your own body?” shares Sozo Clinic.

As the clinic says, “follicles are finite.” The more time a person spends with ineffective, damaging treatments, the less likely will patients get the best results from this hair loss procedure.

Regenera Activa is the Hair Loss Treatment of Choice


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