Puig Hair Restoration Center Is Now Carrying Nerium Anti-Aging Products

nerium-hair-lossFor more than 30 years, Dr. Carlos Puig has operated the Puig Hair Restoration Center as one of the leading centers for hair restoration and transplants.

By conducting countless hours of research and product development, Puig Hair Restoration Center is an invaluable tool for enhancing people’s natural appearance by promoting and maintaining full heads of hair.

Assisting in these efforts is the introduction of Nerium products, which only add to Puig Hair Restoration Center customers’ ability to look and feel younger than ever.

The company recently announced that they are now carrying Nerium anti-aging products.

Nerium is the name brand of Nerium International, LLC, a company founded in 2011 that manufactures anti-aging products. Nerium is named after Nerium oleander.

It is this flower that the company combines with aloe vera plants to create the NAE-8 extract, the patented antioxidant that has become the foundation of Nerium’s anti-aging products.

The company’s product line is called NeriumAD. Manufactured as a cream, NeriumAD can be purchased in one of two variations. The regular NeriumAD cream—in addition to the exclusive NAE-8 extract—has four types of moisturizers, green tea extract, tripeptide blend and vitamin C complex.

These agents not only work on signs of aging during the daytime, but all keep the skin radiant and moisturized. Customers can add the more advanced NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment cream to the daytime-oriented NeriumAD. Meant for application in the nighttime, the Age-Defying Treatment has more of the NAE-8 Extract and completes the 24-hour anti-aging protection.

With strict adherence to treatment, customers can see up to 30 percent reduction in the appearance of signs of aging. Such signs include wrinkles, discoloration, fine lines, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or loose skin.

Nerium claims that users of their anti-aging products can acquire results that make them look up to 10 years younger.

Puig Hair Restoration Center is pleased to be carrying a new line of Nerium anti-aging products as an additional offering for their clients.


Puig Hair Restoration Center specializes in hair restoration and transplants for people suffering from hair loss. It was founded by Dr. Carlos Puig, who has more than three decades of experience in the specialty. Puig Hair Restoration Center’s phone number is 713-974-1808.