Puig Hair Restoration Center Introduces Latest Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Hair loss can be a devastating issue to deal with. For a man, hair loss can occur as a result of a number of factors, and it may result in thinning hair, partial hair loss, or complete hair loss.

When a man loses his hair, he may feel less confident in social, professional, and personal situations, leaving him feeling unattractive or even less manly. There are a wide range of treatment options available over the counter and with a prescription that can help a man deal with this issue, but many men have found these treatments for hair loss to be ineffective.

Puig Hair Restoration Center in Houston has been assisting men with effective hair loss treatments for a number of years, and it has recently provided a new medical treatment for hair loss to its valued patients.

A new treatment now available through Puig Hair Restoration Center in Houston is helping many men who have been otherwise unable to grow their natural hair to enjoy improved results. This is a surgical treatment that involves transplanting individual hair follicles from other areas of the body to the scalp. This allows the patient to grow his own hair naturally on his head.

The process may take a bit longer to complete than over the counter treatments, but the procedure is relatively painless. Furthermore, the recovery time is minimal, and many patients are able to return to a normal life with regular activities within just a few days.

Men who are suffering from hair loss should take the initial step to contact Puig Hair Restoration Center. Not every man who is experiencing hair loss will be a candidate for this procedure, but there are also other procedures that are now available for men to use. Through an initial consultation, the medical team at Puig Hair Restoration Center can help each individual to explore his effective treatment options. Initially, the cause of the baldness will be identified. After the cause of the baldness has been identified, effective treatment options will be recommended.

It is important to note that because there are different causes of male hair loss, not every type of treatment will be effective for every man. Some people might have excellent results from over the counter treatment options, but this type of treatment is not effective for treating every one of the most common causes of hair loss in men. Furthermore, some treatments provide men with synthetic hair as a replacement for their natural hair, which is not ideal for most men. Finding the right treatment involves providing men with the results they want to see.

Puig Hair Restoration Center strives to provide men who are dealing with hair loss with an effective way to overcome their challenges. The new hair loss treatment available is just one of many that the team can utilize to help men with their hair loss issues. Those who are interested in learning more can contact the team directly to schedule an initial consultation.


Dr. Carlos Puig has over three decades of experience with hair loss treatments. He and his team at Puig Hair Restoration Center strive to use the latest advances in medicine to provide each patient with individualized and effective treatment options. Individuals who are interested in learning more about the hair loss treatment options that may be suitable for them can contact Puig Hair Restoration Center at 866-314-5273 or by visiting www.hairrestorationhouston.com/hair-loss-treatment-for-men