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Promising Results From the Use Of Platelet-Rich Plasma

LA Hair Clinic Has Seen Promising Results From the Use Of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in Hair Transplant Patients; Announcing Major Discount for 2016

When treating hair transplant patients, LA Hair Clinic has recently witnessed promising results when transplants are combined with their new Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

In order to potentially help patients see faster results from their hair transplants, LA Hair Clinic is now offering PRP treatments at a 50% discount for the first half of 2016.

Platelets are found in the blood and contain essential growth factors that help to aid cell multiplication, cell regeneration, and encourage the body to heal.

Ideally, using PRP from the patients’ own blood helps ensure that the body will not reject its effects following an injection.

When combined with other hair restoration techniques, PRP is proving to be promising for many clients at the Pasadena hair transplant clinic.

So far, results are more readily visible if the patient incorporates PRP during their hair transplant procedure. In fact, results are coming in as soon as a month sooner than normal in many patients.

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While it typically takes three to four months to see results, many patients who opt for PRP treatment are seeing results in as little as two to three months. PRP has helped those patients experience both faster recovery rates and quicker results.

PRP treatments typically cost $3,000, but given the 50% promotion, the treatments will now cost $1,500. Jacques Abrahamian, Vice President and Hair Transplant Specialist at LA Hair Clinic, is encouraging his patients to opt for PRP because he believes that it’s more effective.

Therefore, the clinic is providing the discount to make the injections more affordable for customers.

“We’re very thrilled and excited on our patients’ behalf. Of course we’re always happy when our patients see positive results fighting their hair loss, and since we’ve had a lot of success since introducing PRP six months ago, we want to make it easier for our patients to afford these treatments,” said Abrahamian.

LA Hair Clinic began offering PRP at their new location six months ago. Abrahamian believes it is also effective as a standalone treatment for hair thinning.

In these cases, PRP treatments can take as little as an hour and can serve as a viable and non-surgical treatment for those who are experiencing thinning, shedding, or other early signs of hair loss.

While there are never any guarantees with PRP, its addition to hair transplant procedures has yielded extremely promising results.

In 2015, the hair clinic saw PRP work as both a preventative treatment on its own and as an excellent supplemental treatment to traditional hair transplants.

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