Professional Reaffirms Commitment to Maintaining Thicker, Healthier Hair During National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Bosley Professional StrengthRoughly 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States are affected by hair loss[1]. Given these staggering numbers, the Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has designated August as National Hair Loss Awareness Month to help educate the public on signs, symptoms and treatment options for this disease.

As an authority on fine and thinning hair, Bosley Professional Strength is doing its part to help spread awareness and offer effective product solutions to combat thinning hair in the salon and at home. The brand has recently introduced two new products specially developed for healthier and fuller-looking hair: the BosRenew Volumizing Dry Shampoo and the BosRenew Scalp Micro-Dermabrasion.

“We pride ourselves on offering a 360-degree approach to people struggling with fine and thinning hair through our innovative, comprehensive range of products,” says Bosley Professional Strength President Eric McLemore.

Beyond absorbing dirt, excess oil and product build-up, the BosRenew Volumizing Dry Shampoo may also help stimulate the metabolic function of cells, serving to create voluminous, ultra-manageable and silky-soft hair. The unique multi-tasking formula even provides advanced UV protection to defend hair against photo-aging.
Known as a “facial for the scalp,” the innovative BosRenew Scalp Micro-Dermabrasion is a breakthrough treatment that provides the deeply restorative exfoliating benefits of a facial, but for your scalp. Offered exclusively in salons, it addresses hair and scalp aging at the cellular level, exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging the follicles to allow hair to grow in a healthy environment. Improving follicle health is key to helping diminish hair loss.

Firmly committed to educating the public on hair loss and delivering viable solutions, Bosley Professional Strength goes beyond its comprehensive line of products to provide training and seminars for stylists so they can offer expert guidance to clients. Of note, Bosley Professional Strength Director of Education Michelle Blaisure recently became a certified Trichologist, successfully completing a one-year training program on scalp disorders.

“Everyone wants thicker, fuller and healthier hair, and clients really do want to speak with their stylists about it,” says McLemore. “It can be as easy as starting the conversation about how a healthier scalp can help give healthier, thicker hair results.”

Stylists are able to recommend the most effective line of thickening hair care products, as well as hair re-growth treatments, and can also refer clients to Bosley Professional centers nationwide for counseling on Prepecia, Lasercomb and different hair restoration services.

Bosley Professional Strength is available at ULTA Beauty, professional beauty salons and barber shops nationwide.

About Bosley Professional Strength:

Bosley®, the most recognized hair restoration brand in the world, has created Bosley Professional Strength for thicker, fuller-looking hair. The Bosley Professional Strength collection, launched in January 2010, includes daily-use thickening products for color-treated and non-color-treated hair, volumizing styling products, and healthy hair treatments, all of which offer an effective solution to create thicker, fuller-looking hair. Bosley Professional Strength is available at professional beauty salons and barber shops nationwide. Product prices range from $14.95 to $48.95. For more information, visit


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