New Online App Measures Hormonal Health

iphone hair loss appToday, in response to new research findings linking male pattern balding with prostate cancer due to hormonal levels, online health app ph360 announced its personalized health plans designed to balance hormones.

ph360 is an online health app that provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal wellness, based on scientific calculations of gene expression.

According to research findings reported last week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, men with balding in the front and top of their heads at the age of 45 have a 39% higher chance of developing prostate cancer than men who are not balding.

The research suggests that hormones involved appear to be the causal link: higher levels of male hormones, or androgens, such as testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), can indicate higher levels of hair loss.

Matt Riemann, CEO of ph360, said,”This finding is just one of many that reveals how significantly hormones affect health, and that there are clear biomarkers of hormone balance that are visible in physical characteristics.”

The app found online at is offering personalized health plans based on measurements of a myriad of physical characteristics, including hair loss, in order to assess a user’s individual biomarkers for optimal wellness and hormonal balance.

Riemann stated, “While ph360 cannot make medical predictions or give medical advice, it can provide a window into understanding what your body might need to reach a healthier state.

This begins within, with how your body produces and regulates the hormones that drive its health.

Users following ph360 are having remarkable results – from extreme weight loss to the end of migraines, insomnia, skin problems, digestion issues, and even reducing hair loss and reversing serious illnesses.”

Dr. Phillip Wuth of Carina Medical and Specialist Centre, who recommends ph360 to his patients, claimed, “It’s no longer enough to avoid regular check-ups and ignore health symptoms like balding.

These symptoms have been taken for granted, but are actually indicative of deeper imbalances that can be addressed through changes to lifestyle, health, and diet.”

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