New Hairline Lowering Surgery that Increases Womens Self Esteem

Ever since Julie can remember, she has had a high hairline and large forehead. But as she has gotten older, her hairline kept getting higher. Since she was her own worst critic, her hairline was not helping to boost her self-esteem.

She wanted to simply feel like a beautiful woman again, but instead only saw a large forehead.

 Julie did her research and looked for solutions. She was looking for a change. She met with Dr. Mike Majmundar of Northside Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA, and this consultation has literally changed her life.

“High hairlines can occur genetically, from gradual hair loss, or from excessive backward tension when pulling the hair back. This can produce a large forehead which can give an aged appearance in younger women,” explained Dr. Majmundar. “A simple one hour procedure can bring the hairline down almost 1-2 inches with minimal recovery.”

Julie did not want to make a drastic change. Instead she opted for lowering her hairline only one inch. She is very pleased with the results. Her hair now flows beautifully over her forehead and she has renewed confidence and self-esteem.

“There are many women who are in need of this procedure,” she states. She encourages women to read up on the hairline lowering procedure that will help them feel better and look beautiful. She would recommend this procedure to anyone.

As far as downtime, she was driving herself around within 3 days after surgery. “It was remarkably painless.” She had no discoloration, and very faint bruising.

Julie is elated with her results and continues to praise her doctor. “Dr. Mike is a very nice man and wonderful surgeon who really wants his patients to feel good about themselves.”

As a 5 star rated Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Mike Majmundar, a board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, specializes in the full spectrum of facial cosmetic procedures with an emphasis on natural results and youthful contours. Signature procedures include our Hairline Lowering Surgery, No Scar Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Natural Lip Augmentation, Natural Liquid Facelift, Natural Facelift, Natural Eyelid lift, Natural Liquid Eyelid Lift, Scar Revision, Ear lobe repair, Natural Mini-Facelift, Natural Necklift, Natural Mini-Necklift,

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