Capillus Laser Cap

Michigan Hair Surgeon Now Providing Capillus® Laser Cap to Hair Loss Patients

Michigan Hair Surgeon Now Providing Capillus® Laser Cap to Hair Loss Patients

A new, mobile low level laser therapy (LLLT) product has arrived at Accents Cosmetic Surgery to help men and women prevent the progression of hair loss.

Called the Capillus272 Pro™, this wearable laser therapy product is designed to increase the flow of blood and natural growth factors directly to hair follicles, helping patients who suffer with androgenetic alopecia develop a thicker and fuller head of hair.

“I highly recommend the Capillus272 to all of my patients who are in the market for a low-level laser light therapy device,” says Dr. Mark Berkowitz, founder of Accents Cosmetic Surgery. “It is simple to use, it has science behind it, and it’s something that I believe in and use myself.”


Capillus272 Pro™ is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, or hair loss, in men and women.

The laser cap has been shown to promote up to 51% increase in hair count, according to independently reviewed clinical studies available online at

Compared to other low level laser therapy options, Capillus272 Pro™ offers patients a high degree of discretion and convenience. The laser insert is placed beneath the cap of an ordinary hat or head covering, allowing patients to enjoy treatment without the worry of prying eyes. Capillus272 Pro™ is battery-operated and comes with a complimentary carrying case, allowing for consistent use around the house, at the office, and even on vacation.

“Compliance is very important for low level laser light therapy,” Dr. Berkowitz explains in a video interview. “If you aren’t going to use it, it’s never going to work. Well with a cap, it is so easy. I put it on, I drive to work with it 3 times a week or I watch TV with the cap on. If you use the Capillus®, it will work for you.”

In addition to low level laser therapy with Capillus272 Pro™, Dr. Berkowitz offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options for men and women who suffer with hair loss.

Dr. Berkowitz specializes in the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure, having performed hundreds of procedures totaling over 1.4 million grafts in the Michigan area.

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