Menopause Related Hair Loss in Women Gets a Shake Up with New Boost n Blend Shake On Hair Volumizer

boost n blend“With millions of Australian women affected by this heart-breaking and embarrassing problem you would expect there to be lots of conversation about it and lots of products available to help,” says Sydney Trichologist Lisa Hemsworth.

“Yet I see women every day who are surprised and devastated by the unexpected phenomenon of hair loss in women.”
“The most heart-breaking thing to happen to a woman is to find her hair is gradually thinning and after a while no amount of styling can cover it up.”

“Many women think they are alone and that is not the case, it is incredibly common, especially following menopause.”

Sydney Trained Nurse Bambi Staveley, herself a hair loss sufferer continues “When I was looking for a solution I discovered to my horror that there is an abundance of hair loss products available for men and a good number of those are designed to camouflage the problem.”

“But there appeared to be nothing specifically developed for women. A woman’s hair is vastly different to a man’s, especially in terms of colour,” says Mrs Staveley who put her life on hold to develop a product for women with thinning hair.

“Every day millions of Australian women are worried about their thinning hair and visible scalp. Yet even our hairdressers are not saying anything.”

“Since bringing a product to the market for women in Australia we have been inundated with responses from happy women who are eternally grateful to have the look of a fuller head of hair and most importantly, their confidence back.”

Boost n Blend® is the first of its kind, developed by women, for women. It is an instant cover up for thinning hair. Made of tiny hair-like micro fibres that simply shake on and cling to dry hair, making it look thicker at the roots and covering up any visible scalp.

“Now we can eliminate one more symptom of aging for women over 50 and not only that, women tell us that they are now enjoying life again, what a bonus!”

About Boost n Blend®

Boost n Blend® is a simple, quick and easy cosmetic cover up for women with thinning hair. It works by adding millions of tiny hair-like micro fibres to sparse hair. It instantly restores the appearance of thicker, more abundant hair and provides an instant volume and confidence boost.

Boost n Blend® is available nine colours to match the most popular hair shades of women and can be purchased online at and in selected salons.

About Lisa Hemsworth IAT, Trichologist.

Lisa Hemsworth I.A.T., qualified trichologist, specialises in hair loss and hair and scalp problems suffered by women, men and children. Lisa has over 25 years of experience as a hairdresser (trained in U.K) and has continued her passion helping people here in Australia.
Lisa has complemented her hairdressing experience by creating a Hair and Scalp Therapy Clinic in Sydney, to help the many people that suffer from various hair and scalp problems.