Long-awaited Laser Hair Regrowth System Now Available in New Jersey for the First Time.

hair loss laser restorationBeyond the obvious aesthetic effects, hair loss is associated with adverse psychological effects including anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem.

Laser Hair Regrowth is the biggest advancement in non-surgical hair loss treatment in decades.

Clinically proven to regrow hair, laser treatment is especially innovative for women since female sufferers have historically lacked effective remedies.
The first Clinical Laser Hair Regrowth System in New Jersey is now being used at Gym Spa Medical Center for Rejuvenation, one of New Jersey’s leading hair loss centers.

The treatment involves painless sessions in the physician’s office without downtime. Laser treatment does not require medications or application of topical solutions, which can leave greasy residue.

According to Dr. David Toturgul M.D., Medical Director, “Laser Hair Regrowth has changed the lives of many patients and may be the best treatment in terms of lasting results and minimal side effects.

Patients sit under our laser machine wearing protective glasses during the 20 minute sessions. We believe that the treatment works by increasing microcirculation to the hair follicles and results can be seen in a matter of months.

Dr. Toturgul explains that combining appropriate complimentary treatments will help improve results. “Once a patient makes the commitment to undergo Laser Hair Restoration, it is my responsibility to maximize their results, which is why I have designed a center where we can incorporate multiple non-surgical procedures for the best possible results.

Dr. Toturgul reveals some important tips for those considering Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment:

1. FDA-Clearance. Make sure the device used is FDA-cleared. Otherwise it’s safety can not be verified.

2. Make sure the facility is run by a Medical Doctor. Only a Medical Doctor (M.D. or D.O.) has the authority to dispense clinical laser therapy for hair loss.

3. Home vs. Clinical Laser Systems. Some facilities have treated patients with home-based laser devices which are nowhere near the same potency as clinical laser machines. Make sure the treatment is designed specifically for medical office use.

In New Jersey, FDA-Cleared Laser Hair Regrowth System is currently only available at Gym Spa Medical Center for Rejuvenation. The Center provides a complete field of complimentary therapies including Nutritional Medicine, blood-based Growth Factor hair regrowth treatments, and novel prescription medications to provide the best natural hair regrowth results.

If you are in New Jersey and interested in Laser Hair Regrowth visit http://www.gym-spa.com or call 855-496-7721 to schedule a consultation.

About Gym Spa Medical Center for Rejuvenation:

Founded in 2013, Gym Spa Medical fuses nutritional, aesthetic, and regenerative medical treatments in order to create lasting rejuvenation and to equip the body to function at the most optimal levels required for modern lifestyles.