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LaserCap Company Receives FDA Clearance for LCPRO Women’s Hair Loss Treatment Device

LaserCap® Company is pleased to announce that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its’ pioneering device, the LCPRO, as an effective women’s hair loss treatment and to promote hair growth.

With a powerful 224 laser diodes, it has the optimal power level for hair growth, while offering complete scalp coverage.

The LaserCap LCPRO is not only safe and effective, but completely portable, hands free, simple to use and can be worn discreetly under any hat. It is the perfect solution to restore your hair and promote hair growth without surgery or drugs.

“The dream of the LCPRO and of our entire product line, is to bring an affordable and effective solution to a large number of people who are frustrated with the limited options available now that are truly effective, safe and portable”, says Michael Rabin, M.D, LaserCap Company co-founder and inventor of LCPRO. “Receiving FDA clearance substantiates what we have seen in clinical studies.” The LCPRO™ device is available by physician only and is now being sold by over 250 doctors in more than 60 countries.

LaserCap Company, the country’s leading developer of advanced low-level laser wearable devices, is a pioneer in the low level laser therapy (LLLT) industry.

Since 2006, the vision has been to empower women and men through innovations in hair regrowth; contributing to better hair and stronger confidence. Its mission is to be the global leader in the light-based therapeutic device industry, by providing safe, effective and affordable hair loss treatment solutions.

The LaserCap LCPRO has a number of distinct features compared to similar devices on the market today:

  • The most technically advanced, portable hair treatment device.
  • 224 laser diodes are embedded into the device’s soft, flexible dome-shaped membrane.
  • 100% coverage of the scalp in each and every treatment, so optimal dosage of pulsating low level laser energy is provided to all essential hair follicles.
  • Built-for-comfort. As comfortable as wearing a regular hat.
  • Device is portable, ultra-light, built for comfort and hands-free, and comes with a rechargeable power-pack.
  • Improves the overall quality of hair – makes it thicker, fuller, stronger and shiner.
  • Proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio.

“There’s clearly been a strong shift in momentum towards alternative therapies for hair loss, like low-level laser therapy,” said Dr. Rabin “For the last two decades, the hair loss industry has been dominated by a few FDA-approved medications and surgery, but we’re now seeing a growing awareness within both the public and medical community about the efficacy of treatments like low-level laser therapy, and the relative advantages of utilizing a treatment that carries no risk of side effects or other complications.

Only a few years ago, laser therapy was not well understand by the public, but it’s since cleared a number of important hurdles in terms of scientific validity and proven treatment effectiveness.

Additionally, as most women are not candidates for hair transplant surgery, LLLT provides a safe, nonsurgical solution to hair loss.” In the age of cosmetic and plastic surgery, women are searching for non-surgical, non-invasive alternatives.

Having truly effective, non-surgical treatments for female hair loss is now at the forefront of personal improvements women are seeking out.

“It’s so incredibly easy to use and so convenient, instead of having to put on messy creams or other products that only camouflage my hair thinning.” Says Starr, an LCPRO patient. “Everyone can find 30 minutes every other day to use the LCPRO cap while at home or on the go.”

LaserCap® Company was co-founded in 2006 by Cleveland doctor and inventor Michael Rabin, M.D and internationally-acclaimed Cleveland hair restoration physician Robert Haber, M.D., along with M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD and in collaboration with Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin PhD.