LaserCap Company Launches Innovative FDA Cleared Laser Hair Therapy Device


LaserCap Company Launches Innovative FDA Cleared Laser Hair Therapy Device LCPRO at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2015

“Plastic Surgery, The Meeting connects surgeons from around the globe, generating thousands of networking opportunities in the exhibit hall.

The Meeting is such an important event for plastic surgeons and their teams,” says Dr. Michael Rabin, MD, LaserCap Company founder and inventor of LCPRO and LCELITE. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to introduce LCPRO and LCELITE to the foremost experts in this field, adding to our existing leading plastic surgeon providers; and are anticipating an outstanding response.

Dr. Rabin will be in attendance to discuss and educate participants on the benefits of Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) for patients battling hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia.

“The reason so many leading plastic surgeons have already become advocates of LCPRO is simple – patients are more compliant.

It allows patients to treat their hair loss symptoms in the comfort of their own homes in a manner which is completely safe, discreet and extremely effective,” says Rabin. “It is all about expanding our knowledge and service offerings. I’m very much looking forward to our future.”

To celebrate this historic moment, event attendees are encouraged to stop by booth #250 to:

  •     Check out LCPRO and LCELITE.
  •     Meet award winning plastic surgeon industry leaders who are current LCPRO providers.
  •     Learn more about the science behind LLLT technology.

Industry leading plastic surgeons agree that adding hair loss management treatments to existing service offerings make sense for several reasons –

  •     Laser hair therapy is now mainstream due to high demand from people suffering from hair loss.
  •     It’s simple to integrate into an existing anti-aging management practice.
  •     Elective treatments are performed on a cash basis and are not dependent on insurance reimbursements.
  •     Treatments are low-risk, patients are generally healthy.
  •     High patient satisfaction associated with LCPRO and LCELITE, helping patients look good and feel good.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam wholeheartedly agrees: “I’ve been very happy with LaserCap Company’s LCPRO. My patients have been seeing excellent outcomes.

The LCPRO is a very important adjunct to conventional surgery; as well for younger patients who want to treat themselves with either laser therapy alone or in combination with other therapies to minimize further hair loss progression.”

About LaserCap® Company:

LaserCap® Company, a medical device company based in Cleveland, OH, specializes in low level laser treatment therapy devices that are portable, powerful and discreet.

Designed to get dramatic results non-surgically, the company’s flagship device LCPRO™ minimizes shedding, thickens existing hair and promotes new hair growth, when worn just 30 minutes per day, three times a week.

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