Kolstad Hair Restoration

Kolstad Hair Restoration Is Offers Different Kinds of Hair Loss Treatment for both Men & Women

Kolstad Hair Restoration Is Offers Different Kinds of Hair Loss Treatment for both Men & Women

Loss of hair is one of the major cause of concern for both men and women.

The most common type of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia which is caused by increased sensitivity to a particular form of testosterone which is known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

There are certain parts of the scalp in male pattern baldness which contains hair follicles that possess receptors for DHT and this hair is usually lost in androgenic alopecia. The temples, vertex, and occiput are the most common regions of balding in men.

While in females hair subsides from a focal area moving outward and female balding is generally given the term “wide part”.

Those residing in San Diego looking for effective treatment for their hair loss or hair transplant San Diego can visit one of the premier hair loss treatment clinics in this region Kolstad Hair Restoration for a free hair analysis or free consultation.

Kolstad Hair Restoration clinic is located at La Jolla with one of the best doctor for hair transplant La Jolla CA, Dr. Christopher Kolstad being the main practicing facial plastic surgeon of the clinic offering patients different kinds of treatment for hair loss.

Dr. Christopher Kolstad, MD, is viewed as one of San Diego’s best prepared Facial Plastic Surgeons. He has performed or helped more than 1500 facial plastic processes and has gotten numerous recompenses for exploration and clinical educating.

The treatment procedures offered at Kolstad Hair Restoration clinic includes medical treatment, laser therapy, and surgical restoration; which Dr. Kolstad allows his patients to choose after guiding them through the treatment strategy and according to their needs.

Individuals with baldness looking for quality fue transplant La Jolla CA or hair transplant by strip method can visit the official website of Kolstad Hair Restoration to know details about both the procedures along with their pros and cons, the link of the website being http://drkolstadhair.com/ or can directly schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolstad by making a call at the clinic.


Kolstad Hair Restoration clinic is one of leading hair loss treatment clinics located in La Jolla, California with Dr. Christopher Kolstad, MD being the practicing facial plastic surgeon.

Kolstad Hair Restoration offers various kinds of treatment for hair loss like medication therapy, laser therapy, hair transplant by strip method, and hair transplant by fue.