Intermedisol announces the commencement of their winter promotion

Intermedisol announces the commencement of their winter promotion

Intermedisol announces the commencement of their winter promotion

Leading provider of medical tourism services in Thailand, Intermedisol, commences its winter promotional prices offer to run from 1st December 2018 to January 31st, 2019

International Medical Health Solutions has announced the commencement of their winter promotion that allows patients having access to the wide range of unique services offered by the company at amazing discounts. The promotion is in line with the company’s goals of making quality healthcare easily accessible to all, with the offer covering cosmetic surgical procedures as well as non-surgical procedures.

The importance of health cannot be overemphasized, which is further underlined by the popular saying that “health is wealth.” Unfortunately, quality healthcare is not particularly accessible to millions of people across the globe, normally due to the expensive nature of the healthcare system.

This is where International Medical Health Solutions, popularly known as Intermedisol has been able to make a huge difference over the year by offering a plethora of medical and surgical procedures at the most affordable prices possible without compromising the quality of service delivery.

The winter promotion offered by Intermedisol is a further reiteration of the company’s dedication to providing the highest possible quality of medical care at remarkably affordable rates. The promotion is majorly divided into two packages – the Gift Yourself Promotion and the Wonder Man Promotion.

The Gift Yourself Promotion offers patients to a wide range of services at massively discounted rates. Some of the promotional services under the package are Gift of Youth, which includes a wide range of non-invasive Ultra therapy solution for lifting and tightening the skin, the Back by Popular Demand service, which comprises a range of options for reducing the visibility of “smile lines” and enhancing the appearance of the patient’s lips, and facial rejuvenation for renewing and rejuvenating the skin. Other packages under the Gift Yourself Promotion are the Undereye Glow, Melt the Fat Away, and Gift of Instant Life.

The Wonder Man Promotion is the other half of the winter promotion. It includes several promotional offers particularly designed for men that require cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. One of the major services under this package is the Hair Transplant, which is designed to assist patients in restoring hair in areas where balding has started to manifest.

The winter promotion allows patients to get massive discounts of as much as 30% on a wide range of services.

More information about the offer and other amazing deals by Intermedisol can be found on their website:

About Intermedisol

International Medical Health Solutions (Intermedisol) was founded by Beate Juengst in 2005. The company has grown over the years to become a leading name in the field of medical tourism services in Thailand with a dedicated team of multi-lingual experienced professionals specializing in coordinating a wide range of medical and surgical procedures at affordable prices while ensuring the highest quality of medical care through an extensive network of clinics, hospitals and care providers.

Intermedisol announces the commencement of their winter promotion


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