Offering Global Solutions for Hair Loss with the Addition of 10 New Countries, a premier hair restoration network offered by the company, announced today a global expansion to include strategic locations in ten new countries, including Mexico, Turkey, and Brazil.

Thousands of patients are traveling abroad to meet with world-class hair specialists. is offering patients 60 percent off the cost of hair restoration — in immaculate travel destinations — and discreet and private surgical facilities.“In the last year alone, we’ve grown our global alliance from a vision to a vast network of strategic hair restoration locations across the globe,” stated Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of “This progress is a tribute to our increasing service of multinational patients. As their needs evolve, we will continue to grow this network into various markets.”

The Demand for Hair Transplant Abroad

Surrounded by impeccable advancements in surgical hair techniques and technologies, hair transplantation surgery offers permanent natural results that are superior to those of the past — including no post-surgery scarring or pain.

With ten new global destinations, hair restoration clinics in Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and the UK are creating an unprecedented interest and demand for surgical hair regrowth — and returning one’s self-confidence and youthful appearance.

“The decision to expand our hair loss network gives us a greater opportunity to extend our presence in the booming medical tourism industry. It also provides us better patient support,” stated Mr. Umar. “Our commitment is offering the highest quality of services to hair loss patients.

With these 10 new destinations, we are not only more accessible, but have the opportunity to reach a new market of patients that feel secure in having a provider in close proximity.”

With the latest global expansion, has seen a riveting increase in patients: Belgium (110%), Brazil (65%), Dominican Republic (33%), Mexico (400%), Philippines (28%), South Korea (76%), Thailand (22%), Tunisia (62%), Turkey (140%), and UK (13%).

The steady growth gives a promising outlook on the future of the business, and greater potential for partnered clinics, those of whom which have seen tremendous growth in foreign patients like Reveert Hair Transplant Center in Mexico, along with Esteworld and Newage in Turkey due to the development of

Advanced Hair Replacement Abroad

From the astonishing hair transplant facilities to the unmatched costs, is reinforcing its global footprint for male hair restoration and hair replacement for women.

What sets this network apart from other hair restoration clinics?

Free comprehensive online hair transplant consultation

Straightforward consultations, providing you trustworthy surgical solutions

Advanced hair transplant clinics offering substantial savings compared to the US.

Innovative Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method employed by top-rated hair specialists.

Prominent hair transplant clinics in a compassionate, caring environment.

Highly qualified and internationally recognized hair transplant specialists.

Natural, virtually undetectable hair transplant results guaranteed.

Minimally invasive, no pain, fast recovery time and no hidden costs.

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