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Hair Transplant with Laser Therapy

Hair Transplant Institute Improves Restoration Results with Laser Therapy

The Hair Transplant Institute of Miami introduces new laser therapy products to improve hair surgery outcomes.

“When you have a hair transplant, it is equally important to put the brakes on hair loss,” explains Dr. Bernard Nusbaum.

An ISHRS Golden Follicle Award winning surgeon, Dr. Nusbaum has performed more than 10,000 separate hair transplant procedures and is highly regarded as an expert in the international hair restoration community.

Dr. Nusbaum explains that hair transplant surgery involves harvesting donor hair from the back or sides of the head (the donor zone), which is then transplanted to the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss.

Since there is a limit to how many follicles can be taken from the donor zone for transplantation over the patient’s lifetime, a stabilizing medical therapy is often recommended to mitigate hair loss within and around the area that is transplanted.

“We recommend a complement to hair transplant surgery, and finasteride, minoxidil as well as laser therapy with Capillus products are an excellent option.

These treatments can be used singly, or in combination.”

The Capillus272™ Pro is a battery operated insert that fits inside an ordinary hat to enable mobile or at-home use. Commonly known as “laser caps,” these products are popular because they are safe, convenient, and easy to use without disrupting day-to-day routine.

The Hair Transplant Institute also offers laser therapy with the Capillus272™ OfficePro.

This unit is located on-site, and is recommended for use during the first days after hair transplant surgery. “Within two weeks after surgery, laser therapy with the Capillus272 Office Pro is utilized to enhance healing and speed post-procedure recovery,” says Dr. Nusbaum.

The Hair Transplant Institute of Miami is home to two of South Florida’s top hair restoration specialists, Dr. Nusbaum and Dr. Paul Rose, with their experienced medical staff.

The acclaimed hair loss clinic is the first in the world to have two ISHRS Golden Follicle Award winning surgeons on staff, offering unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of hair loss diagnosis and treatment.

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