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Hair Transplant Doctor Pioneers African American FUE

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Doctor Pioneers African American FUE Hair Restoration

Dr. Parsa Mohebi revolutionizes African American FUE hair restoration with the introduction of B-End Angle technique.

Dr. Parsa Mohebi, the founder of Los Angeles-based Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, has recently introduced the concept of B-End Angle technique in transplanting curly hair.

African American FUE is one of the more challenging hair transplant techniques due to the characteristics of very curly hair among patients.

Hair restoration procedures performed using the B-End technique utilize technology that allows the surgeon to follow the curvature of each hair follicle as well as extract intact hair each time. The technique requires either a light handheld punch or Trivellini suction assisted multiphasic system.

According to Dr. Mohebi, “African American hair restoration is widely performed but the unique qualities of the hair should be examined and noted when planning for this procedure. Caucasian patients often have straight or wavy hair and, even in the case of curly hair, their curls are not as tight as African American.”

When discussing African American hair in general, Dr. Mohebi shared “this type of hair is generally one of the most difficult to extract. Patients need to make sure their doctor of choice is experienced in performing African American hair transplant so they know the proper way to extract the hair grafts without damaging them.

The angle of the hair can often be deceiving as it can change in size as the doctor performs the actual extraction of the hair. The doctor must be experienced in following the direction of the hair to extract it without damaging or destroying the hair and its follicles.”

Dr. Mohebi also stated that “hair restoration is a not a one size fits all surgery. For example, African American hair is often very curly so the extraction process is different and more nuanced than straight hair. That is one of the main reasons I invented a technique that makes sure every graft is harvested properly. Each patient presents a different set of challenges and surgeons must be properly educated and trained to provide the results desired by patients.”

About Dr. Parsa Mohebi:

As the first chairman of the FUE Research Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration and creator of several methods and techniques in modern hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi, along with his staff, provides his patients with the most advanced hair restoration techniques currently available. Dr. Mohebi has been in the forefront of new research and developing the latest technology to advance the field of hair restoration. Dr. Mohebi is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration and a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration.

Hair Transplant Doctor Pioneers African American FUE