Hair Loss Solution For Cancer Patients Being Provided By My Trendy Place

my trendy place hair lossMy Trendy Place in Houston is a popular beauty and wellness boutique offering Medical Wigs and Mastectomy products for cancer patients which are of top quality helping women to be trendy and regain self confidence.

These wigs when worn cannot be detected and are comfortable even after long hours enhancing the beauty of women and helping them to regain lost self esteem.



They are offering a range of medical wigs which include Lace Front Wigs Alopecia Wigs and High Definition Wigs and are being available in a range of styles ethnicities colors and lengths.

Professional and skilled Mastectomy Fitters who are certified Hair Stylists and Wig Specialists are available at this boutique providing top quality services at affordable cost.

This online store has been offering fashionable and latest jewelry and clothing and has come up with Mastectomy and Lymphedema products which are of high quality and designed to re instill confidence within patients suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy.

My Trendy Place is taking responsibility of each and every patient they are serving by following up to ensure that a lifelong relationship is established and answering to their questions satisfactorily thereby gaining popularity as the most favorable Beauty and Wellness Boutique for cancer patients.

The owner Lisa Amosu Smith is dedicating her time through volunteering at MD Anderson and Methodist Cancer Centre while enhancing the growth of her business in providing medical wigs and Mastectomy products.

In recent times she is assisting in aiding poor patients with free wigs with the organization seeking sponsors to come of help to those who cannot afford to buy wigs.

To learn more about this organization you can visit Lisa at my friendly place dot com. Experienced wig designers and beauty professionals are with them to provide even better quality products.

About My Trendy Place:

My Trendy Place is offering high quality medical wigs and Mastectomy products for cancer patients to help them regain self confidence and self esteem.

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