Hair Club Introduces State-of-the-Art Hair Loss Diagnostic Tool

hair club hair lossNorth America’s largest provider of all proven hair restoration solutions, Hair Club ( announces its brand-new proprietary hair loss diagnostic system.

Statistics show that half of one’s hair has already been lost before it becomes visible to the human eye.

The revolutionary TrichoView technology allows Hair Club’s trained hair loss specialists to provide individuals with powerful insights into the unique properties and characteristics of their hair and scalp, unattainable anywhere else. These results help consumers and professionals better understand the case of hair loss at hand and determine the best solutions for those specific needs. The end result is seamless, natural-looking hair restoration, accurately customized to the individual.

Understanding the severity, prevalence and variation of male and female hair loss, Hair Club spent years developing this advancement in hair restoration and the industry-leader is thrilled to finally share the TrichoView technology with the public.

“Hair Club is proud to unveil the latest in hair loss diagnostics,” said Rich Narcisi, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our new and proprietary TrichoView Hair & Scalp Analysis system has received rave reviews from individuals seeking answers to their hair loss conditions.”

A TrichoView Hair and Scalp Analysis is fast, simple and completely safe. Individuals meet privately with a hair loss specialists who will digitally magnify the hair and scalp with Hair Club’s exclusive videoscope under various levels of magnification.

The footage is projected onto a television screen in real time, so the individual can follow along, ask questions and engage in conversation with the specialist.

This exclusive technology offers an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the particular hair loss condition. In addition to an overall health report*, the advanced analysis includes precise measurements and comparisons of the hair shaft width, hair density and hair mass index.

After the evaluation there is no obligation to move forward with a Hair Club proven solution. The specialist will simply suggest treatment options in line with the individual’s results, expectations and budget and prepare a folder with the detailed compliments of Hair Club.

Hair Club believes that knowing the details of one’s hair loss is crucial in order to effectively treat their hair loss.

For this reason, Hair Club is currently offering a TrichoView Hair and Scalp Analysis completely free of charge as part of Hair Club’s complimentary consultation.

The TrichoView technology is available at nearly 100 Hair Club hair restoration locations across North America, including Puerto Rico and Canada.

Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician.