Gray Hair Vitamin Released by Reminex

Gray Hair Vitamin Released by Reminex

Gray Hair Vitamin Released by Reminex

Irwindale, California based Reminex has announced that they have recently released the Reminex gray hair vitamin. The company points out that with five bottles of the Reminex 60 Anti Gray Hair Vitamin, there won’t be any need to constantly dye the hair to hide premature gray and white hairs.

Reminex spokesperson Allen Farrar says, “These capsules will not only ban those gray hairs from your head and keep them away, our formula has biotin. This means it will promote healthy hair growth so you can enjoy healthy, thick and full hair once and for all.”

Allen explains that the Reminex Anti Gray Hair Shampoo is made up of all-natural ingredients and oils that will protect the hair while reversing its age.

This shampoo will clean the hair while providing it with moisture to ensure that the hairs will retain their full body and bounce. The natural ingredients include Shou Wu extract, saw palmetto, catalase, biotin, beta-carotene, and vitamin B6. According to Allen, these ingredients are responsible for restoring the hair to its natural color, stimulating hair growth, and halting hair loss.

Allen points out that the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin contains a proprietary formula that has been found to slow down the graying process. Also, the bio-nutrients that it contains may promote hair growth and improve on the beauty of the hair. Allen explains that the hair follicles contain pigment cells and these produce melanin, the natural pigment that is responsible for the color of the hair.

The graying of the hair is the result of pigment cells dying as people age. With the pigment cells dead, melanin is no longer produced for that hair strand, resulting in that strand turning gray and later on becoming a white hair strand.

It should be noted that there are certain conditions that can cause the hair to turn gray. Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid problems, and some rare and inherited tumor conditions can contribute to the graying of hair.

Also, stress can have an indirect impact on hair by accelerating hair loss. The problem is that when the hair grows back it may turn out to be gray instead of its previous natural color. Furthermore, cigarette smoking can also be a contributing factor to graying hair.

Allen explains that as people age, hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair follicles and this causes the pigment cells to die. It has been observed that in younger people, the enzyme catalase breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles, thus preventing its negative effects on the pigment cells or melanocytes.

As people age, their bodies produce less catalase. They also have lower levels of the MSR A and B enzymes that have been found to repair the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide on the hair follicles. It is for this reason that anti-gray hair supplements like the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin contain catalase.

Allen Farrar says, “We make sure that the concentration and active ingredients in the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin are in the right quantities. More importantly, we make sure that our production process follows USP standards and FDA guidelines.” Because of this, the company is able to guarantee that the Reminex Anti Gray Hair Shampoo is of high quality.

Furthermore, this shampoo is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, which makes it appropriate for all types of hair, for both men and women.

In addition to the Reminex Anti Gray Hair Shampoo, Reminex has also made available a Reminex natural color restore hair conditioner. In the same way as the anti-gray hair shampoo, the Reminex anti gray hair conditioner contains all-natural ingredients that when combined are able to make the graying process much slower, thus allowing the people using it to have their natural hair for a longer period of time.

Allen Farrar states, “The Reminex Anti Gray Hair Shampoo and Conditioner are contained in 13.5 oz bottles and they have been manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP. We can offer a Satisfaction Guarantee because we have ensured that the production process and the quality have been carefully monitored.”

Allen explains that the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin also contains omega 3 and essential acids, which can help counter premature graying hair. This also acts as a hair thinning treatment because it has been found to be capable of stimulating hair growth and preventing the thinning of hair so that the mane will look thicker, younger and healthier.

Those who are interested in getting more information about graying hair treatment and the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin can visit the Reminex Amazon page.

Gray Hair Vitamin Released by Reminex