GKhair Mobile App

GKhair Mobile App

GKhair Mobile App Salon Pick-Up Feature- Easy Access to Products

Created for the sole intention of accessing GKhair’s top-of-the-line products, the GKhair Shopping App helps consumers or end-users breathe a sigh of relief.

It helps all those who need GKhair products and to access it with ease, even from the comfort of their own living rooms. Its main features are to help users understand about the company, provide product information, inquire about prices, place orders, customer support, and the latest addition, the salon pick-up feature. This app caters to anyone who wishes to buy and sell GKhair products.

GKhair’s mobile application is on both Android and iOS platforms. also, among an array of other features, one of the unique aspects of this application is to promote the GKhair education portal.

The GKhair education portal is the certification base that caters for different categories, such as hair treatments, hair taming system, hair styling, and hair coloring.

With a special focus on the user experience, the mobile application is user-friendly and makes it easy for consumers, salons, and distributors to purchase products even from the convenience of their home. Also, in the payment section, end-users are given two delivery options; The first option is to ship the chosen products to your home address while the second option, called the salon pick-up feature, which lets you collect your products from the nearest salon.

The pick-up function simply allows the end-user to physically receive their purchased products from a nearby salon that has stock.

After users have selected the products simply proceed to check out by adding the payment method. All GKhair app registered nearby salons are sent a text, email, and pop-up message, based on the customers’ geographical location.

After they receive the notification, they can respond with “In stock” or “Not in stock”. This will then send a notification to the consumer with a text, email, and pop-up message with a list that shows salons that have stock of the desired products. After selecting the choice of a salon, the salon gets a notification, which informs them that the customer is on their way.

Upon selection of the salon by the user, a QR code is generated with the receipt as proof of purchase. When the customer arrives to pick up the products that they have already paid for, the salon scans the QR code presented by the customer for verification and hands over the products.

This newly announced feature by the GKhair group enhances product sales and is a convenience for consumers who can save shipping costs while avoiding time delays in receiving products. Also, after every successful transaction, salon users can earn points with GKhair Shopping app that are added to their accounts which can be redeemed either in the form of cash or in exchange for more products.

About GKhair

GKhair is an international product developer and manufacturer of hair care products. GKhair invests heavily in research and development to advance the science of creating beautiful hair.

GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin; a protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state while protecting against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each strand.

GKhair Mobile App