Gardel Hair Restoration Now Providing a Sale on Follicular Extraction Technique This Fall

Gardel Hair restorationGardel Hair Restoration is pleased to announce their sale on follicular extraction technique this fall. For those who are showing early signs of baldness, a Follicular Unit Extraction technique is a recommended procedure.

There are no visible scars, strips, or cuts. Instead, there are only small tiny holes extracted by the surgeon.

For more follicular roots, patients must plan for two or three more sessions.

The recovery time is quick and within 10 days, the patient will be well enough to play sports or perform other activities. The difference is astonishing and patients will be amazed at the end results after the procedure.

They utilize a micro-surgery tool specifically designed to individually extract each follicle.

The follicular units are extracted without assistance from scalpel or surgical instruments. They are then processed under a microscope and transplanted into recipient areas.

The process is painless and has a quick turnaround time. In no time, the surrounding hair will cover the area where the hair was taken.

During the month of October, users will receive a 500 free follicular unit graft’s hair transplant promotion that’s valid after 1500 follicular unit grafts are purchased and doesn’t apply to other promotions. Why not take advantage of their special promotion in October?

Their certified plastic surgeon personally serves each and every one of his patients. Their other techniques include harvesting, Trichophytic Closure as well as Mixed Extraction.

For over 20 years, they’ve performed more than 7,000 hair transplants cases for women and men. To learn more about their techniques, feel free to check out their website.

About Gardel Hair Restoration

Gardel Hair Restoration is a hair loss institute that specializes in hair transplants for both men and women. By using the latest technology, this institute leaves their clients without visible scars, without pain and guaranteed permanent results.

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Gardel Hair Restoration Now Providing a Sale on Follicular Extraction Technique This Fall