Educational Symposium on Hair Loss for Women

Educational Symposium on Hair Loss for Women

South Florida Gets First-Ever Educational Symposium on Hair Loss for Women

2011 Miss America finalist Kayla Martell will help attendees identify solutions

This 1/29 in Pompano Beach, women across South Florida will have their first chance to learn more about the professional solutions to hair loss that best fit their needs. Miss Delaware Kayla Martell will share her experience as the first woman to have ever become a finalist of the Miss America beauty pageant while suffering from hair loss in 2011.

“There are many things about hair loss that you can’t control,” said Ms. Martell while visiting South Florida before the symposium. “Finding a solution to match your personal goals will give you the confidence to leave all those problems behind. It will change your life.”

A team of experts from My Choice Hair will work at the symposium to find the right hair loss solution for each person. My Choice Hair Pompano Beach offers a solution tailored to everyone from a team of professionals experienced in handling the unique situations that may have led to hair loss.

“I found My Choice Hair to be the best option for women losing their hair because it offers a team of experts that, after doing a thorough scalp analysis of a person’s problem, will come up with the best-customized solution. And that is why I opened my own business as a franchisee of My Choice Hair,” said Rhonda Ninkovich, a franchisee based in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Hair loss is a personal, unique experience that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or cultural background. In fact, hair loss is common and while it is often assumed to be the result of aging or illness, it can also be caused by stressful life situations or environmental changes.

According to Ninkovich, who has been in the market of hair replacement for the last 35 years, 1 of every 4 women in the US experience hair loss. “More than 30 million women suffer some form of hair loss nationwide,” says Ninkovich.

While men often see signs of baldness occurring on their crowns or the frontal area of the scalp, women see it more widespread, either in their hair part, the crown of their head, or thinning all over their head. There are many options available to people dealing with pattern baldness that don’t require surgery or medication.

According to My Choice Hair, non-surgical alternatives to hair replacement are better options for individuals suffering from hair loss for multiple reasons. Treatment includes semi-permanent options that feel and look like natural hair. Management of the hair is easier than permanent options, and the cost is much more affordable.

Ms. Martell and a team of My Choice Hair professional hair loss experts and stylists will provide education, support, and a welcoming atmosphere during their first South Florida symposium and beyond.

South Florida Gets First-Ever Educational Symposium on Hair Loss for Women


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