DS Healthcare Group to open first hair loss clinic in Gables

hair loss clinicHair loss is a medical problem with cosmetic, and sometimes even emotional consequences, affecting millions.

In November, DS Healthcare Group Inc., a leading international developer of personal- care products and specialty pharmaceuticals, will unveil its first-ever hair loss clinic in downtown Coral Gables.

DS Laboratories Hair Recovery Clinic, 2100 Ponce de Leon, Suite 1010, will provide tailored treatments for men and women, whether they’re looking for a solution to hair loss, or simply want a thicker, fuller head of hair.

“The reasons for hair loss, thinning hair and receding hairlines depends on genetics, stress and a host of other conditions,” said Daniel Khesin, CEO of DS Healthcare Group, based in South Florida.

“A one-sizefits- all treatment to hair loss is an unrealistic solution. We take a holistic and global approach, creating a personal treatment for each client based on their overall health.”

DS Laboratories Hair Recovery Clinic will take an entirely new approach to hair loss. Its medical team, led by top hair loss specialists, will focus on each client’s medical history, determining the underlying factors leading to their hair loss.

The solutions will be highly tailored, prescribed treatments created onsite by the medical staff using FDAapproved DS Healthcare Group pharmaceuticals.

No two prescriptions will be alike.

“This will be the most comprehensive approach to hair loss,” said Dr. Mauricio Luna, managing director of the clinic and a hair-loss expert.

“Our clients will receive made-to-order prescribed treatments that will help re-grow their hair and improve the health of their scalp and their follicles. We will optimize their hair health.”

Historically, the approach to treating hair loss focused on over-the-counter shampoos and hair-care products that claimed to thicken and re-grow hair.

Another common solution — the hair transplant — is a surgical technique that involves removing hair follicles from another part of the scalp and replacing it on the balding area.

“But why go the route of a transplant if you can re-grow your own follicle,” Khesin said. “Our studies show that most people have dormant hair follicles. We know that by determining the source of someone’s hair loss, we can revive dormant hair follicles, and successfully re-grow hair.”

DS Laboratories Hair Recovery Clinic will be the first of several such clinics for DS Healthcare Group in the United States. The Coral Gables clinic will put into practice the innovative therapies the company developed after many years of study and clinical trials.

DS Healthcare Group leads in the development of biotechnology for topical therapies. It markets its products through online and specialty retailers, distributors, cosmetics wholesalers, and salons worldwide. Its research has led to a highly innovative portfolio of personal care products and additional innovations in pharmaceutical projects.

For more information on DS Healthcare Group’s flagship brand, visit www.dslaboratories.com