DS Healthcare Group Files U.S. Patent on New Compound for Hair Loss

hair lossDS Healthcare Group, Inc. DSKX -0.04% , a leading developer of personal care products, today announced it has filed its second patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

This new patent addresses the composition and methods of a new compound described as a calcium-activated potassium channel opening agent for topical treatment of hair loss. DS Healthcare had filed its first patent in October 2013 for its prescription hair loss product currently under development.

We believe this newly filed patent-pending molecule offers a more effective over-the-counter hair loss solution than FDA approved topical minoxidil for hair regrowth.

DS Healthcare’s proprietary hair loss formulations are a tremendous asset and we are building our IP portfolio including patents, as well as trademarks for our industry-leading brands. While sales of our over-the-counter products continue to grow driven by strong consumer demand, in parallel we are developing our first prescription hair loss product,” stated DS Healthcare President and CEO Daniel Khesin.

About DS Healthcare Group

DS Healthcare Group Inc. leads in the development of biotechnology for topical therapies. It markets through online and specialty retailers, distributors, cosmetics wholesalers, and salons.

Its research has led to a highly innovative portfolio of personal care products and additional innovations in pharmaceutical projects. For more information on DS Health Group’s flagship brand, visit www.dslaboratories.com