Dr Wesley Offers Medical and Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley Now Offers Advance Medical and Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

Medical hair transplant and hair restoration is Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s field of expertise. A cum laude graduate from Princeton University received his medical degree from Yale medical school and has over the years received awards for his innovations and dedication to providing scar less hair surgeries.

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley founded the Pilofocus, a biomedical technology firm to advance his progress in hair transplant and restoration and is respected for his advancements in improving the surgical field and patient care.

Speaking about hair restoration surgery, Dr. Wesley said, “There has been expansion in the number of beneficiaries that have benefited from hair restoration surgery; thanks to several advancements within the field.

Our core concern together with partners at Yale Medical School has been to come up with an innovative technique to completely eliminate scarring after a surgery. Currently, we are using an optimal surgical technique which enhances healing and makes our scars nearly imperceptible.”

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley has a website segment for clients who want to know follicular unit extraction procedure at length. Through this advanced technique, each follicular unit is created from the scalp, unlike other methods that use a strip of donor tissue removed from the patient’s scalp.

The primary advantages of this approach are it involves no suturing, has minimal postoperative discomfort, quickly heals, and has no permanent linear scars. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley recommends this procedure to customers who like to wear their hair short preferably less than 2 mm and can be used effectively on patients who have pre-existing scarring.

Talking about their services in New Jersey, the managing Director said, “Anyone looking for hair transplant in New Jersey can easily find us given our central location. Offering complex surgical procedures such as Follicular Unit transplanting and Follicular unit Extraction we guarantee the best results for any hair loss problems. Our solutions are long term without any risks of harmful side effects, and Dr. Wesley will work on any previous attempts by other doctors that resulted in failed complete hair restoration. Your comfort, maximum attention to the procedure, and healthy hair growth is our promise.”

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is providing effortless hair transplant in Orange County. With their office located in a comfortable and relaxing environment, patients can enjoy watching the television or just relax as the transplant procedures are carried out.

The first step done by Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is a diagnosis to get to the root of the problem as hair loss can be caused by several factors ranging from genetics and diseases to head injury. After a complete assurance of the causes, the doctor will then suggest a suitable treatment plan that leads to regaining your full natural appearance.

About Dr. Carlos K. Wesley

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is assisting patients suffering from hair loss to regain natural and healthy looks through advanced treatment techniques. Committed to minimizing scarring, the procedures utilized leave no evidence of a cosmetic surgery and have customers feeling very satisfied.