Dr. Robert Leonard Applauds FDA Clearance of Capillus272Pro Hair Loss Laser Cap

Capillus-LLLT-Device-Hair-Regrowth-Receives-FDA-Clearance Earlier this year, the Capillus272Pro™ received FDA clearance for the promotion of hair regrowth in adult men and women with androgenic alopecia (AGA) having Ludwig Savin classifications I-II or Norwood Hamilton classifications of IIa-V and Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin phototypes I-IV.


In an industry plagued by products that over-promise and under-deliver, FDA Clearance underscores the safety and efficacy of the Capillus272Pro™, renewing faith and confidence among more than 80 million men and women who suffer with hair loss and are searching for a safe, proven, and effective treatment option.

“I am extremely excited that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has provided clearance of the Capillus272Pro™ laser device for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss,” said Dr. Robert Leonard.

“Most of our patients notice less of their hair shedding after approximately four months of using Capillus272Pro™, with hair growth typically occurring after about a year.”

But why choose Capillus272Pro™ over so many other hair restoration options? For many patients, it’s all about power, safety, and ease of use.

A count of 272 low level laser diodes makes the Capillus272Pro™ capable of better coverage and greater total energy output per treatment than any other laser cap or comb on the market.

Physicians agree that better coverage delivers the best results, as laser light is the catalyst believed to trigger new, fuller hair growth.

In terms of safety, FDA clearance provides assurance the Capillus272Pro™ is as safe and effective as marketed.

Credibility earned from FDA Clearance is underscored by clinical trials that prove the ability of the Capillus272Pro™ to reverse the signs of hair loss, made publicly available online at ClinicalTrials.gov.

And when it comes to ease of use, the Capillus272Pro™ gives patients the freedom to discreetly treat hair loss on their own terms. The product is worn beneath a baseball hat or cap, and it is battery powered to enable mobile use, without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

Patients can wear the Capillus272Pro™ and treat hair loss without disrupting everyday routine, making treatment easier, more consistent, and therefore more effective than other laser cap and comb devices.

Capillus products are available through physicians only. New England residents are invited to contact Hair Transplant Associates to learn more about treating hair loss with the Capillus272Pro™.

Surgeons are welcomed to visit Capillus.com to learn more about offering the industry’s leading LLLT product as a Capillus authorized physician.