Mintop Pro hair loss

Dr Reddys launches Mintop Pro – Procapil Hair Therapy


Dr. Reddy’s launches MINTOP PRO TM – Procapil Hair Therapy

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has announced its entry into the Hair Serum Market with the launch of MINTOP PRO™ – Procapil Hair Therapy.

MINTOP PRO™ comes from the same branch of business that manufactures MINTOP- the No.1 dermatologist recommended brand in the country.

Studies reveal that Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is one of the most common reasons for dermatological consultation.

This type of hair loss has been reported in 58%2 of middle-age men and 19%3 of women and there have been rapid advancements in understanding the pathophysiology of AGA o·ver the last few years.

Procapil™ is a new breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents excessive hair loss naturally, without any side effects.

Procapil™ consists of a patented vitaminated matrikine with Apigenin and Oleanolic acid, which specifically targets the three main reasons responsible for hair loss.

Naturally derived Oleanolic acid inhibits the production of Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical derivative of testosterone, which plays a major role in hair loss in most men and some women.

Apigenin enhances microcirculation into the hair follicles keeping it nourished, while BiotinyhGHK helps normalize hair anchorage in the lower l yer of skin thereby demonstrating anti- ageing properties.

Clinical studies reveal that, MINTOP PRO™ demonstrated promising results with a 121% increase in hair shaft growth as compared to placebo and 67% volunteers witnessed a noteworthy rise in Anagen to Telogen Ratio of upto 46%. (A/T ratio or hair growth coefficient is the ratio of the number of anagen hairs to the number of telogen hairs, indicates the proportion of active hair follicles)

MINTOP PRO™ will be available in a 75 ml pack with MRP of INR 995/- at all leading pharmacy stores across India.